Franklin Pierce

November 23, 1804 - October 8, 1869

Biography I

Franklin pierce was born in New Hampshire on November 23, 1804. His father Benjamin pierce was the governor of New Hampshire, and Anna Kendrick was his mother. Franklin pierce was the seventh out of eight siblings. He went to school at Phillips Exeter academy and later went to Bowdoin College in Maine. He was married to Jane Means Appleton Pierce, and settled with her in Concord. He spent his last few years in seclusion until his death in 1869.

Biography II

In 1829, Franklin Pierce was elected to the state of legislature. Franklin Pierce was well connected to his people, he was then chosen as Speaker of the House in 1831. Franklin pierce was then elected to the United States House of Representatives, all while he was still in his late 20's. He opened a law practice in his new hometown, Concord. His new practice gave him local fame, and citizens all over New Hampshire fought for him in the court room.

Biography III

Unfortunately, Franklin Pierce is considered one of the least effective presidents of the United States. In 1854 Franklin supported the Kansas-Nebraska Act. This act put an end to the Missouri Compromise and allowed new states to decide whether they would allow slavery or not. Pierce sent James Gadsden to Mexico to purchase land for a southern railroad. He ended up buying land that makes up New Mexico and Arizona. It was only purchased for 10 million dollars. After franklin signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act there were many small fights between pro and anti-slavery groups in Kansas. It became known as Bleeding Kansas.

Biography IV

Pierce settled in New Hampshire after his presidency. By the time he left office, the nation moved much closer to civil war. Pierce blamed Abraham Lincoln for war. His wife died in 1863. He then died from liver failure in 1869.



  • Expansion of Us territory by buying New Mexico and Arizona
  • Enraged northerners through the publication of the Ostend Manifesto justifying the American seizure of slave-holding Cuba from Spain
  • Signed the Kansas-Nebraska act in 1854


  • Lead to war known as Bleeding Kansas
  • Violence erupted and he did nothing to stop it
  • Tried to buy Cuba from Spain but failed and caused domestic and international uproar when news leaked about the US going to war if we could not buy Cuba


Franklin pierce was young and attractive, he was the top man in the democratic party. Unfortunately, he was one of the most ineffective presidents we have had to day. He made poor decisions in his presidency.



  • We Polked you in 1844; we shall Pierce you in 1852

Is Pierce electabal today?

No, he did nothing to help America. He was not personally Pro-slavery, but was not an abolitionist. If slavery were still to happen today America would be far near the county it is today. He would do a lousy job to save America.