CBMS Library Review

May 2015

Things your CBMS Librarian can do for you

  • Compile websites, books, and other resources for your class assignments
  • Co-Teach a lesson/unit
  • Assist with research
  • Teach web programs and tools
  • Order books, videos, and other materials
  • Design tutorials and lessons
  • Create lessons using Aurasma
  • Assist teaching students digital citzenship
  • Assist creating Project Based Learning lessons
  • Book Talks

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It is hard to believe another school year is wrapping up and summer break is upon us. During your break, I hope you take time for some personal rest and relaxation. I know I have several books already picked out to read. Next summer the CBMS library is scheduled for a makeover. The goal is to create a 21st century learning commons area. I would appreciate ideas on what you would like to see in our new library. If you have any ideas or suggestions you can email me or stop by the library and share them. Have a safe and fun summer!

Contact Me

It would be my pleasure to co-teach or assist you next year. Contact me and we can discuss and create lessons to engage our students' learning. Please feel free to contact me even during the summer) if you would like to plan for next school year.