LV Technology

Ashley Beno

Typing Web

  • We did a typing warm up in the start of class
  • When we get older we will know how to type
  • Typing will benefit us in our job


  • We shared a video about our family
  • I learned how to use a iMovie
  • In the future I can make movies

Haiku Deck

career locker

  • I figured out options for colleges
  • We could get an I idea of what jobs we would want to do
  • Then we played games to see what jobs we want

Explain Everything

  • The teacher can see what you were drawing
  • There are all different icons that you can use
  • You can make very cool presentations

Hour of Code

  • Hour of Code helped me solve many problems
  • This will help us in the real world for solving problems
  • It made your brain think in a different way

Email Etiquette

  • It helped me write a proper email
  • When I get older I will have to know how to write emails
  • This will help me get into college