The Thing You Need to do in Order to Succeed in Life

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the trait of never giving up in an adversity and having resilience. Many people have shown so much perseverance in history.

This flyer will talk about people who had perseverance like Jackie Robinson, Winston Churchill, the Lady Jags from Carroll County, Kid President, and the people that experienced the Nepal earthquake.

The Problem with a Solution of Basketball- The Story of the Lady Jags

Carroll County, Tennessee is a very poor county. 19.6% of the county’s population is below the poverty rate and 12.3% of the population is unemployed. In this county, an academy called Carroll Academy stands. This academy is where girls who have gotten kicked out of their regular school or have gotten court ordered attend this academy. The problem is that many girls cannot help that they have had a hard life with "bad parents" and how they learn to be like them. The school uses an unusual way of teaching to teach the girls how to control their “problems” like alcohol or drug abuse, also emotional disorders like bipolar disease or anger management problems. A solution is, that this school uses basketball to teach the girls how to control these problems. The academy has 212 lost games, straight and has only won 6 games over 14 years. Even though they are not the best team, the people have a strong conviction on this method. This method has proved to be successful and triumph. This school teaches the girls and eventually, the girls leave the school because they have learned how to control their emotions and problems. They have persevered through the challenge of their disorder or problem and thrived by learning how to control it. The academy uses basketball as a method to teach teamwork, confidence, and self discipline. The girls have had tough lives with many adversities, from running away from home, alcoholic or drug abusive parents, or having neglectful parents. These girls may be overwhelmed with these adversities, but the game of basketball helps them get their mind off of those problems and teach self control even though they might not know it.

The pictures below show quotes from one of the coaches and the team.

The Cause and Effect of Jackie Robinson

This infographic will show students the causes of Jackie Robinson to fight to break the color barrier. This infographic will also show the effect that Jackie Robinson on the world of baseball in 1947.
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A Description of the Life of the Man that said," Never Give In" - Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a war hero and an admired historical figure. Winston was born in England on November 30, 1874. During his childhood it was very difficult because his parents were absent most of the time and he had many childhood illnesses. He has character traits such as, bravery, determination, and confidence, throughout his life. For example in 1900, he went to South Africa because England had been in war. He showed bravery, determination, and confidence when he got shot at and taken as a prisoner during the war. Many people would have not made it to safety, but Winston Churchill did. He made it to safety and continued to be in the military. Another example was when he was asked to become the First Lord of the Admiralty due to the Natzi from Germany getting stronger and attacking Poland which was a “warning”, you could say, to the British. This happened on September 3, 1939. However he is best known for inspiring the British to keep fighting even though they were losing to Germany. He did this to inspire and motivate the British to keep fighting and not to give in. Many people were getting hurt and killed. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” From this quote, we know that even if you have success it is never final. Even if you fail it is not fatal. But it is always the courage to persevere that helps you succeed and triumph.

The picture above shows what Winston Churchill looked like.

A Compare and Contrast about People Who Showed Resilience Even Though Mother Nature Was Against Them

This infograph will show students a compare and contrast between people who experienced the Nepal earthquake to people who did not go through any earthquake.
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The Life of Kid President

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President. He was born with a life-long chronic condition called osteogenesis. Osteogenesis is a bone disease that makes the bones really weak. When a person has osteogenesis their bones lack of normal collagen which is needed to form strong bones. First, he needs to get checkups to make sure he has not broken any bones and such. Second, he needs an infusion of medicine that is supposed to make his bones stronger. Even though this is a giant adversity, he then became Kid President to help make people more positive and “awesome”. He then makes a video and posts it online. Finally, once people have seen it, they feel inspired to be more positive and more “awesome”.

The pictures below are quotes and pictures of Kid President.

A Concluding Paragraph

As you can see, so many people have shown perseverance in their lives. They have told us to never give in and so much more.