Coon Hounds- Redbone and Bluetick

Ally W.


These hounds descend from the Red Foxhounds, brought over on ships by colonial settler Scottish immigrants in the 1700s. When they first were recognized as a separate breed, they had a brownish-grayish saddle-shaped mark on their backs. As breeders chose the solid red colored puppies more often, the saddle back eventually faded away. Reds have 'cold noses' which enables them to follow old trails well. They hunt by treeing their prey.


Blueticks descend from the French Staghound, as well as the English Foxhound. In America, they were referred to as English Coonhounds for many years, until 1945, when the breeders 'broke free' and registered as a breed, because they didn't want to follow the crowds in making a fast, hot-nosed hound. Instead, Blues are slower, but better at following an older trail. Their barking is described as bawling. They usually have a dark colored head, with several markings around the face. They also have a thickly speckled back, in dark blue/black, white and tan.