Summer Parent Newsletter

June 2020

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A Note to Families:

Thank you families for your patience and support throughout this remote learning experience! We learned a lot throughout the process and continue to learn about how to support student learning in unprecedented times. While the daily lessons from your child's teacher are wrapping up, it doesn't mean learning has to end! Included in this newsletter are resources you may continue to use throughout the summer to keep your child engaged. There are also resources included to support your child's social and emotional well-being over the summer as we know that the last few months have been really challenging for everyone. Taking care of mental health is as important as ever!

We also know that many of us are mourning the loss of opportunities to connect in person right now to be able to talk with colleagues and friends about what is going on in the fight for social justice and ending racism. Our students may also be craving an opportunity to hear from other children about how they are feeling about current events and what they can do to support. There are several links below to resources you may choose to use to support your child with these important conversations about race.

We'll be thinking about you all during the summer and looking forward to when we can reconnect, however that may look!

Resources to Share with Children about Racism

Anti-bias Anti-Racism Resources for Caregivers

This document contains a list of resources that were collected by BSD teachers to support educators and caregivers in the work of anti-bias and anti-racism. It includes more ideas for how to talk to your child about race and outlines resources for various age ranges.

Questions to ask your child about the news they are seeing:

  • How does this make you feel?

  • How do you think different people are experiencing this event? How do you know?

  • What are different ways we can mourn, and be there for one another?

  • Knowing all of what we’ve talked about together, how can you make sure that you act with fairness and love towards all people?

  • What do you do when you see something unfair happening? How can you act?

  • What would you like others to know about what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing?

  • What do you need from others to understand, cope, process, and be safe as this story continues to unfold?

  • What can you offer to others to support them in how this story is impacting them?

Content Area Resources

Summer Math and Science


Dreambox will be available for students to continue to use all summer long! Teachers will not be checking the usage over the summer, but students could continue to complete 5-10 lessons per week if they want. See the parent resources below:

Log in support - Chromebook (Spanish Version)

Log in support - iPad (Spanish Version)

Getting a family account (Spanish Version)

Questions to ask your child (Spanish Version)

Dreambox FAQ


This link is a 90 min online course for all levels of mathematicians (including students, parents and teachers) that combines Jo Boaler’s research and includes messaging about becoming powerful math learners.

Supporting Your Child in Math at Home (Spanish Version)

K-5 Math Games using dice and cards

Pre-K-1st Grade Math at Home Activities (Spanish Version)


This board has lots of activities and resources you can use to support Science and Engineering this summer.

Summer Reading

It is important for students to read every day during the summer! Bookshelf will continue to be available for students all summer long! Here are some additional resources for summer reading:

Sora digital library for ebooks

Summer reading bingo

Public library summer reading programs:

Happy Reading!

Social Emotional Learning Resources

Aperture Education

SEL Resources to Use at Home

Find Downloadable free activities to support social emotional development in children.