TAG Team 5 Update

Highlights of the happenings in UGE's 5th Grade

On to a new PBL investigation!

Today we launched a new project involving an investigation of the Civil Rights movement. Students listened to the song co-written by Common and John Legend for the movie, Selma. Following the video, I asked the kids how it made them feel and what they wondered about what they saw. Many students responded that they felt, "embarrassed that our ancestors treated African Americans that way" and "saddened by the violence." However, a few students responded to the lyrics by saying that they felt, "motivated because they could do anything if they fought for it hard enough; anything is possible."

That set the tone for the project-I told the students about creating a podcast to teach others about the events of the 1950s and 60s, as well as, the big day at the BOE on March 27. To follow their learning journey, check out our class website!

Selma - John Legend ft. Common Music Video - "Glory" (2015) HD

Just a few of the events the students will be investigating...

Important Information!

Save the date! Field Trip Information

On Friday, March 27 from approximately 9:30-1:30 students will travel to the Henry County Board of Education to participate in a panel discussion (BOE Board Auditorium), rally (BOE Front steps), and March to Montgomery Simulation (Henry HS Track). The cost of the trip is $2.50 per child to pay for fuel and bus drivers.

Reminder! Wahsega Snacks!

Thank you to those of you who have sent in lunch size bags of chips for the students to enjoy while at Wahsega! If you have not sent in snacks yet, please do so by the end of this week. Each 5th grade class is collecting a specific snack to share with the all other classes so that there is a variety of snacks available for all students. Thank you!

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HCS Charter System Informational Meeting Schedule

The purpose of this meeting is to provide an update on the legislative requirement for school districts to select a flexibility/accountability option (Status Quo/IE2/Charter System).