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At Home: Week 15

Mizz Whizzle Science Explanation - Fossils

There are different ways things are fossilized here are some of them:

Amber - Full body insect fossils can be found preserved in hardened tree sap called amber. These fossils can remain preserved in amber for many years.

Casts and molds - A cast or a mold fossil is an impression of a living organism. They are made when an organism dissolves in the Earth and leaves a hollow mold behind. The mold is then filled in by minerals leaving something like a statue of the organism behind.

Freezing - Some fossils are preserved in ice. As long as the ice doesn't melt the fossil may be preserved for thousands of years. Large fossils such as the woolly mammoth have been discovered in the glaciers of the Arctic.

Mummification - In really dry areas a fossil may be formed through mummification. This is when the dead organism quickly dries out. Because there is little moisture, the remains of the organism can be preserved for a long time leaving a fossil.

Permineralization - Permineralization is when a mineral deposits form a cast of the organism. Fossils formed this way can be very detailed. Common minerals include silicate, carbonate, and pyrite. Fossils are an amazing thing God has given us to look a little into the past.

Without it we would not know many facts we do today. God is so good to us in all things!

Channeling our inner Angelico

Presentation Idea for Week 16

Demonstration Speech- Demonstrate how to do something, make something, fix something, use something, or how something works. Use visual aids such as models, drawings, or actual items.

Mastery Skill- Audience Participation! Ask your audience to participate if possible. Close your speech with a memorable summary or with a clear call to action. Ask if there are any questions about your presentation. Remember the time limit!

Mark Your Calendars!

2016-2017 Registration -- Opens February 1st
February 25th -- 1-2pm @ Kimbell Art Museum -Docent led tour

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