Local News Update from Turkey

A big banner

A student's parents has made a large banner on the outer wall of school.

Our students parents give us support about our recycling campaign.One of our parents told us last week,I'm professional designer and I will make a banner your school about your recycling campaign.
He gave us a banner today. I very much liked it. We've put it on the outer wall of the school. I think it was very good. I'm waiting for support of other parents.
Thank all parents for sensitive.

We have begun preparations for the recycling campaign

Our recycling campaign

Our recycling campaign will begin in March. It writes in the work schedule but my students are very willing about it. They said that,we will begin our recycling campaign.

If we wait, we lose time and money for our country. I told them,you say true. And we have decided to start the recycling campaign.

Good luck to us for our campaign.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Campaign