Give It Up!

Can you do it?

Let the Games Begin

No Starbucks for a week; find your vice and give it up for a good cause, other than your health... can you do it?


  • Think about all the little luxuries you treat yourself to everyday, ex: your daily coffee or morning doughnut, and choose to give it up (similar to lent)
  • Do the math on how much you spend per day, week, month, year... EXAMPLE: Java Frappuccino Triple Espresso = $5.29 per day;

- Week: 5.29 x 7 days = $37.03;

- Month: 5.29 x 30 days = $158.70;

- 1 Year: 5.29 x 365 days = $1,930.85

  • Set the goal (week, month, 6 months, year, etc.) and don’t have a morning coffee for that long...
  • At the end of the week, take the $37.03 that you would have spent on coffee and donate it to the Dream Project Foundation
  • Contact the Dream Project Foundation about questions or tips you may need
  • Ask your family, friends or colleagues to help you: do it as a group, or if you make it through, have them match dollar-to-dollar the amount you will donate
  • After you’ve finished, collect the donations from your family, and friends
  • Let us know how it went! If you have funds to give; either bank transfer, PayPal, or send a check to the Dream Project Foundation. This information can be received through ‘Contact Us’ page on our website: