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August Recognition!!!!

As I sent my youngest to full day Kindergarten this year, I did a lot of reflecting on the choices I have made for myself and my family ... After many tears, a few mimosas and some time to reflect, I am so thankful what Tara Renze and Stella & Dot have given me these past 4 years! I have a "job" that I am passionate about, I have way toooo much FUN working, I can contribute to what I want and what my family needs, I've made amazing friendships along the way and S&D makes me HAPPY! Does Stella make me happy every day, NO! I feel discouraged and upset about people not calling back, a crappy trunkshow, not winning a trip or where I want my calender to be.... But, I have chosen to put my 'big girl panties' back on and start a new day! There are no jobs on the unicorn farm where everything is perfect! No job is perfect and this is a job whether we feel like it is or not!

So, take these next 4 months of the BEST selling season and put YOUR 'big girl panties' on! Make that extra call.... reach out to someone on your chicken list.... do something BOLD!!! I know you can!!!

Top 20 in Sales

What an AMAZING August our team had! My 1-4 lines sales increased sales from July to August by 59%!!! A M A Z I N G!!!! You know what that means....... people are wanting to HOST and customers are SHOPPING!!!

1 Meredith Young 4590.5

2 Kristy Pauly 4388.23

3 Laine Vitosh 2971.55

4 Catherine Powell 2884.5

5 Angela Clifton 2401.91

6 Morgan Bell 2317.58

7 Leslie Staver Maize 2240.5

8 Elizabeth Tridle 1963.83

9 Kristen Fine 1757.25

10 Cynthia Gail Slagg 1739.04

11 Courtney Chroeung 1722.75

12 Shannon Lawson 1414.44

13 Casie Gunderson 1258.38

14 Emilie Eaton 1039

15 Melissa Vansickle 1038

16 Darinda Voster 1026

17 Christina Heptig 848.25

18 Janna Brake 781.5

19 Shauna Aronson 774.37

20 Mandy Cundy 760.47

These fabulous ladies Sponsored and Qualified someone in August:

Kristy Pauly 1

Catherine Powell 1

Kendra Mueller 1

Jayme Fisher 1

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My BHAG for September is to sell $5,000 and sponsor 2! We have an amazing opportunity with Stack Up Your Rewards and our Hostess Exclusive items!! I've seen sneak pics of Holiday and it is FABULOUS!!!! You will want it ALL! So, make a plan..... Don't let the month pass you by..... you want the product credit!!!

Who can you share the opportunity with? Aren't you thankful someone did with YOU?

Make a WDYK list and do a booking blitz! I only have 2 shows booked for this month so I've been texting, emailing, facebooking and CALLING my contacts about shows this month and Holiday! I haven't booked one YET for this month but booked 2 for Holiday!


Whether you are a hobbyist Stylist or wanting more with Stella, come to our KC Bootcamp next Monday at Matt Ross Community Center in downtown OP! Register by tomorrow and you'll be entered to win SWAG!!! Believe me, you'll want the swag!!!!


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