Noticing Zero

A description of Zero

The character's appearance

Zero is a character in the novel "Holes" he is short, has curly dark hair, a wide mouth, and is African American.

The character's actions

Zero reads Stanley's first letter to his mother ( pg 46). Zero dug with Stanley to find any thing in X-Ray's dirt (pg 70). Zero asked Stanley to teach him to read (pg 82).

What the character says

Zero tells Stanley he can't read or write ( pg 82). Zero said he likes to dig holes( pg 58). Zero asked Stanley what his mom wrote to him in his letter ( pg 75).

What others say about the character

Zigzag said that Zero is a weird kid (pg 37). Mr Pandanski said they call him "Zero" because he has nothing on his mind ( pg 19). Stanley said that Zero is the smallest kid in Group D (pg 37).