Nov 17 Wear a FMHS Jaguars spirit shirt of navy and silver colors

Nov 18 Wear a favortie college shirt or colors

Nov 19 OSE spirit night

When: Thursday November 19th

from 5-8pm.

Where: Chick fila - Founder's Square

Nov 19 Art and Science Night (I will be there with my family volunteering! Come see us in the 2nd grade hallway)

Nov 19 Grandparent's Day Turkey Lunch

Nov 20 Pajama Day-Drop Everything and Read Day and $1 fund raiser to help purchase a Mine Craft program for our library

Nov 20 PBL Exhibit--We have kicked off our #RESPECT school-wide PBL! Students in every grade level have been working on their piece of the PBL experience. Our PBL showcase is Friday, November 20th from 2:00-2:45pm in your child’s hallway. Feel free to stop by for a few minutes to see their work if you can!

Nov 21-29 Thanksgiving Holiday

Dec 5 Flower Mound Christmas Parade

Dec 8-15 Mrs. McGhee's trip to Ireland (Mrs. Linman will be here)

Dec 9 Picture Retakes

Dec 16 2nd grade Holiday Party 12:45

Dec 18 Early release

Dec 19-Jan 4 Winter Holidays

The calendar for next week makes me a little tired before it even happens! I think it will be lots of fun and some great learning opportunities! We are staying engaged and busy and that is a good thing.

Remember if you are going to be traveling during normal school days that you must get a planned absence form from the office and turn it in to Mrs. Hayunga for approval. I will work with you all the best I can for grades.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Bennett for coming and reading to us! We loved the signed Arthur book by Marc Brown. What a treasure!!!! And what a treasure you are too. Thanks!

And another big thank you to Mr. Zupancic for being our WATCH DOG this week. I put him to work right away! He was so awesome at recess, I am sure his football throwing arm is sore! Thank you so much!

I am in need of dry erase markers. We seems to eat them or use them lots or my classroom is very dry and sucks all the moisture out of them??? I don't know, but we could really use some if you are out and about. Dark colors are best. Thanks in advance!

Our Veteran's Day assembly was just fabulous! It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces at it too. My husband stopped by our classroom for a brief visit and shared some of his experiences in the Air Force. I am still hoping to have Patrick (Maggie's boyfriend) come by in his Army uniform and talk to us as well. He is a Blackhawk mechanic and hopes to try for helicopter pilot when he finishes college (he wants to be a history teacher).

I wanted to address the Paris attacks with you. I feel it is impossible to hide information like this from our kids. Even is you shelter them from it completely at home, someone at school will bring it up. Please help me out by sharing what you feel is approprieate with them at home so that I am not struggling with explanations at school. I love the Mr. Roger's quote:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

I think this is a great opportunity to help our children count their blessings and understand that caring for others more than ourselves is the best way to live. As I always tell them, "be a fountain, not a drain!"

I hope you have a restful weekend and I hope to see everyone at some of the fun activities this next week.


April McGhee


Math-We are working on addition with regrouping. This part of the unit is trying to get them to use the old fashioned paper and pencil route rather than mental math and using tools like hundreds charts and such. We will be finishing this unit up by this coming Friday.

Social Studies-We looked at goods, services, producers, and consumers. The kids have loved tracing products back to their origins-like chocolate to a cacoa bean or paper to a tree. They made flow charts after researching a product of their choice. We read lots of great books and partner readers on everything from baseball bats to bubble gum.

Language Arts-We read The Goat in the Rug which tied in directly with our Social Studies by telling the story of a goat that's hair was clipped and used to make a Navajo rug. We also read a very moving story, Those Shoes, about a boy that was poor and did not have fancy shoes like his friends. The boy ended up giving a cool pair of thrift store shoes to another boy facing hard times as well. The selflessness and hardships were so inspiring. We worked on inferencing what was happening by using text evidence and our own experiences (our schema). Such great life lessons!