Sarah Enriquez

about me


  • I am 13 years old
  • I was born in Longmont Colorado on January,16 , 2001
  • I have 14 siblings
  • I love horses , my favorite sport is soccer,
  • my best friend is Ashley Anaya

fun things i like to do

  • I love to play soccer with my family and friends
  • I like t ride my horse
  • I like to go around the country and compete in rodeos
  • I love to skate with my friends and the skate park
  • me and my best friend like to hang out a lot

my family that i live with

  • My mom is Mona Arredondo she is a relastate ajent and she dos taxes
  • My step dad is javier sanchez he works on our farm and he works in rodeos
  • i have 3 sisters and 10 brothers two of my brothers have past away in a car acsadent

Heart Of Dixie

Danielle Bradbery - The Heart Of Dixie

the denver broncos winning the 1997 superbowl

Super Bowl XXXII John Elway helicopter play and post game celebration raw


Blank Space -Taylor Swift by victoria_maarie