Yellowstone National Park

By: Niya Velez

When? Why? and With Who?

I'm going on a camping trip with 3 of my friends during the summer, in August. The high would get in the low 80's and the temperature would drop to the low 40s at night.

Tower Fall Campground

  • $15 a night ($60 in total)
  • drinking water and vault toilets are available
  • has a picnic table
  • fire pit with a grate
  • food storage boxes are available

Things to Do

  • fishing
  • horseback riding
  • llama packing
  • hiking
  • guided tour
  • boating on Yellowstone Lake or Lewis Lake
  • see Old Faithful, a geyser

What to Bring?

  • water
  • boots
  • insect repellent
  • food: granola bars, food in a cooler to cook in the fire pit
  • water filter
  • knife
  • insulated clothing
  • sleeping bag $189
  • tent $150
  • extra tissue
  • matches/ fire starter