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Puerto Rico



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Puerto Rico

A Caribbean Country

Puerto Rico's capital is San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their is lots of sports and hobbies they have, for example, a sport they like to do is swim, and hobbies they like to do is sing. they also like to eat, some cuisines are the Arroz con gahdules y lechór, and another is Asopao. They are rated for their popularity.

La biblioteca

San Juan Community Library, it seems like a really fun library, they have BBQ's some Chili and Sancocho Cook-offs, book and Bake Sales, ways you can donate, etc. I would go their if i could because it seems like so much fun, not some boring old library!

El Rio

Rio de la Plata is the longest river in the island of Puerto Rico. Its in the north coast of the island. It drains at the Atlantic Ocean, about 11 miles west of San Juan. It is very pretty, people come and visit for that river.

El Campo

The parguera trailer camp in Puerto Rico has 5 stars, they are very busy and very expensive. It is also very pretty, if you just look to the picture on the right, some have water around them and some don't.

La Casa

In Puerto Rico they have very big, pretty, and expensive houses. They also have small houses. But the big houses are really nice. Most have pools, even though they have an ocean, some prefer pools instead.

El Cine

A Cinema in Puerto Rico is the Caribbean Cinemas, they are like our Cinemas, they have some of the same movies as we do. They also have great reviews.

El Estadio

The Estadio Hiram Bithorn is a stadium in Puerto Rico, its a baseball park, its name honors the first Puerto Rican to play in the major leagues, Hiram Bithorn, who first played withthe Chicago Cubs in 1942.

El Gimnasio

They have some of the gyms we have too, like Planet Fitness, it is a big huge gym that is across the world, it's a huge company.

La Iglesia

In Puerto Rico they have quite a bit of churches, for example, one is Calvary Chapel of Puerto Rico, it is a very nice church, they have lots of fun events and its a big church.

El Lago

Lago Guajataca is a reservoir located between San Sebastián, Quebradillas, and Isabela in Puerto Rico. This lake was man-made and created in 1929. The lake receives flow from the Guajataca River and can be used for fishing.

El bosque

El Yunque National Forest is also known as the Luquillo National Forest and the Caribbean National Forest, it is a forest located in the northeastern part Puerto Rico. It is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System.

las montañas

Cerro de Punta also known as Cerro Punta is the highest peak of a mountain in Puerto Rico, rising to 1,338 meters above sea level. It is located in the middle of Ponce.

el supermarcado

Mr. Special is a supermarket in Puerto Rico that has 5 stars. It is just like a regular supermarket for us except just smaller.

la escuela

Maria Cadilla de Martinez High School is a school in Puerto Rico with a five star rating and is very passionate about the teachers they have. It is a 10, 11, and 12th grade high school.

La Piscina

Piscinas del sir is a pool in Puerto Rico. It is a very beautiful place! If you can see the picture to the right, that shows how beautiful it is! It also has a 5 star rating.

El Restaurante

Pikayo is a restaurant in Puerto Rico, it is a very fancy restaurant, the food reviews are very well. I wish they had one around here!