2nd Grade PLC Agenda

December 9, 2014


Report Cards on Mastery Connect: Ellen trying to figure out how to isolate 2nd quarter data for report cards. Susan e-mailed Angelene Oneal for clarification. Ellen is organizing the standards to our report cards:-) We will prepare a spreadsheet alligning the standards with each category on the report card to make the process more efficient.

Data Day( December 18th): Work on forming intervention gifts.

EDC notes:

Budget: Due February 17, 2015 All C.C supplies covered by school

List of things we need: large storage cabinet on wheels. Smartboard Steps (3)

Bus survey on Computer Sandy will send a link for all kids to take. ( Lindsay?)

Report Card Printed on January 7, 2015

Envisions Questions: What exactly do parents see?

Can we make it so that parents can only view games and review resources, without assigning work? How do we access the games? Are we able to see who is working and what they are doing?


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