Superintendent Briefing

April 20, 2018


We have some great activities occurring throughout the district. As we continue to strive to make NPPSD a great school district, it will be important to work collectively in achieving greatness. Anytime you have greatness occurring at your school, please share so we build upon each other’s strengths. Thank you for the great work!
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What makes a great school district?

A great school district is made up of a group of great schools working collaboratively and systemically towards a common purpose. The North Platte Public Schools are working collectively to become a great school district. Each school in the district is focusing on what matters most which is the students, teachers, principals, and systems that support learning.
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Positive leadership is the way to lead if you want to build a great team and organization. It's the stuff that makes a great leaders great.

Positive Leaders Build Great Relationships and Teams - When you focus on building relationships with your team, performance, morale, and engagement rises. It's about making time to communicate, encourage, connect, commit, serve and care about those you lead. It's probably the most important chapter in the book.

Great Schools & Great Principals

A great school has a building principal that earns the respect of students, parents, and staff with a clear purpose, high expectations, and the knack to help others succeed. The NP principals understand the people they work with, and are motivated to create a positive attitude throughout the school. The NP principals create a sense of trust built on being an honest and caring leader.
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NPHS SkillsUSA Great Results

Results of the 2018 SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Competition

Twenty-seven students from the North Platte High School SkillsUSA Chapter competed at the SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Conference in Grand Island, Nebraska. The 8 students in bold will compete at the National competition in Louisville, KY. 18 students were awarded with the Academic Achievement Award. 11 students were awarded level 1 of the Professional Development Program. Seven students were awarded the distinguished ambassador award for attending the Fall Leadership, Mid-America, and the State Skills and Leadership Conferences.

Rebecca Ady Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Jestynne Crankshaw Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Carli Fudge Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Sarah Phares Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Korissa Runyan Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Hallie Malsbury Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Kainin Wilson Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Johnny Seery Welding 1st

Hayden Thatcher Sheet Metal 2nd

Carter Davidson Welding Fabrication 3rd

Keifer Smith Welding Fabrication 3rd

Brent Bergman Welding Fabrication 3rd

Mitchell Walters State Only- Oxygen and Acetylene Welding 1st

Johnny Seery State Only- Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 1st

Ethan Bokoskie State Only-Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Kaitlyn Connelly State Only-Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Emma Dowhower State Only-Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Hannah Rosenof State Only-Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Mia Hilber-Hansmeier State Only-Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Destiny Rundquist State Only-Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Caleb Tegtemeier State Only-Opening & Closing Ceremonies 1st

Academic Achievement

Rebecca Ady, Brent Bergman, Ethan Bokoskie, Jestynne Crankshaw, Carter Davidson, Olivia Davis, Emma Dowhower, Mia Hilber-Hansmeier, Hallie Malsburry, Sarah Phares, Patience Roebuck, Hannah Rosenof, Destiny Rundquist, Korissa Runyan, Keifer Smith, Caleb Tegtemeier, Mitchell Walters, and Kainin Wilson

Distinguished Ambassadors

Carter Davidson, Carli Fudge, Mia Hilber-Hansmeier, Sarah Phares, Hannah Rosenot, Destiny Rundquist, and Johnny Seery

Professional Development Program- Level 1

Rebecca Ady, Carter Davidson, Carli Fudge, Mia Hilber-Hansmeier, Hallie Malsbury, Sarah Phares, Patience Roebuck, Hannah Rosenof, Destiny Rundquist, Johnny Seery, and Kainin Wilson

Great Schools

A great school understands that many factors go into helping a child become a productive, responsible adult, and there is no way one assessment a year can measure success or failure. The NP school leaders understand what it takes for students to succeed and be prepared for the next phase of life and to help create schools to educate and prepare the students of today and tomorrow.
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Afterschool Professional Appreciation Week

Thank you for all your hard work in providing a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment. You are valuable member of the NPPSD team. Keep up the great work.

Great Support Staff

It is our responsibility to provide the support to make this happen. The NP schools have an involved staff who work together to push themselves and their students to be the best they can be. The NP schools embraces the conviction that all students can succeed.
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The “Push” That Comes with Being Valued

Feeling valued.

We all want to feel that we are valued for the work that we do daily, and when you don’t feel it, “checking out” becomes an option.

When one is truly valued, they are not just commended for the work they do but are pushed to the possibilities of what they possibly could do.

My best boss always found the balance of ensuring she appreciated me, but asking me questions and pushing my thinking on where I could go. The majority of my conversations with her ended with me feeling that I am on the right path, but I have work to do. She was masterful in how she maintained that balance.

Personally, there are many people that I mentor who I know that I push to their limits because I know what they can achieve. I do my best to make them feel appreciated (working on getting better), but because I care, I push them. Sometimes when you don’t push, that is a sign of giving up.

I also know that there are people that do not build relationships with people they push. That feels more like an “ego” thing than a support thing. The balance is necessary.

As you read this, think of the people who have shown you that you are appreciated while simultaneously frustrating you with their challenges. Think of the students you cared for, but you still focused on getting them to their best. The feeling you had and your students had, were probably quite similar.

Great Schools & Great Teachers

A great school makes available a supportive workplace that enables all staff and students to succeed in their roles. The NP teachers work to improve their ability to teach by collectively learning and using instructional strategies to better themselves and their skill of teaching.