The anticipation of our first grade program is exciting! Your children have been working on this for a long time and we know that you are going to be proud of this first grade accomplishment. T-shirts are almost complete. Speaking parts (if a child asked for one) have been assigned and we will be "polishing" it next week. It is one of those events that children remember from their elementary years. Many thanks to the fabulous parents who worked so diligently on the shirts, the decorations and the program. It is an amazing group indeed.

The program will be on Thursday, April 14th. Children need to be in the music room at 6:15. There will be a brief PTA meeting and then the program. Children will be given their t-shirts on Thursday, Please have them wear their shirts with blue jeans (long). They will wear the same clothing for the performance for the student body on Friday.

class pictures

You may purchase pictures online or send the order envelope back with money. If you don't order pictures, you can send the proofs back. Individual picture orders and class pictures will come back around the end of April for distribution to the people who purchased items.

concepts covered this week


sequencing events in a story

dipthongs (ou, ow)

seasons of the year


number line

place value

expanded notation (165=100+60+5)

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