Fantastic 5th

Published By: Briahna H., Anistyn C., Solomon W., Drew M.

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Humor Hour

Knock Knock? Who's There? Moo! Moo Who? Make Up Your Mind! Are You A Cow Or An Owl?

Knock Knock? Who's There? Hens! Hens Who? Hens Up! We've Got You Surrounded!

Knock Knock? Who's There? A Broken Pencil! A Broken Pencil Who? Oh, Never Mind, It's Pointless!

Knock Knock? Who's There? Razor! Razor Who? Razor Hand If You Know The Answer!

Knock Knock? Who's There? Needle! Needle Who? Needle Little Help With Your Homework?

Comic for the Month

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Class Gallery

What's Coming

In December we will have our Christmas assembly on the 18th. We will also be doing the One School One Book program with the book The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The fifth grade beginners band will have a concert on December 11th. Christmas parties are on December 18th at 12:15.

Royal Riddles

What part of your house do ghosts avoid?

How do you know carrots are good for your eyes?

Happy Birthday to Me

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Sydney Porter October 25

Gavan Henderson October 13

Mitchel Bego October 13

Dian McCall November 4

Kylie Uhles October 18

Jordan Parnell November 5

Brylie Latham October 2

Fallon Pleasant November 23

Anslee Sams October 13

Elizabeth Williams November 12

Connor Thomas October 12

Zachary Craig November 23

Terry Tucker October 4

Oscar Syndusta November 16

Royal Riddle Answers

Your living room!

You never see rabbits wearing glasses!

Student Spotlight

School Related: Anistyn, Caroline, and Kelby won the soil conservation poster contest!

Non-School Related: Solomon broke 9 minutes and got an 8 minute 55 second 2k.

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Thanks For Reading

Thank you for reading this month's letter! Have a nice day and goodbye :)!