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What's Happening??

  • 11/3 - Family Movie Night at School Sponsored by PTO

  • 11/10 - Veteran's Day ~ No School

  • 11/17 - Report Cards Come Home


Happy November! It's hard to believe it's the last week of the first marking period. Report cards will come home November 17th.

It's been a busy week with Halloween, Spirit Week, Skype Meetings, and Breakouts! We completed our 2nd Breakout EDU, Dentists Against Halloween, on Halloween and students used critical thinking skills, collaboration, and creativity to solve puzzles to unlock the box. Dr. Johnson's Orthodontics was awesome enough to donate a toothbrush for every child which was probably more of a trick than a treat for them to find when they opened the box!

Don't forget to check Schoology to see what your child has been doing in class. You can see feedback I have left for him/her and talk at home about changes that may be made to continue growing over the next marking period. Since we are lucky enough to have 1:1 there will be less papers and more work submitted on Schoology so if you have questions about your child's progress that's a great place to look. If you need the information to set up your parent account again, just let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Melissa Tuttle


You may have overheard your child recording his/her homework using Flipgrid. This a new program I'm using to put a twist into formative assessments. Instead of having students share all their learning in writing, Flipgrid allows students to record themselves. I upgraded our account so the students can also reply to each other. The "grids" are private and are not searchable on the web. Visitors must be given the link to be able to visit the page. Check out this link to see the summaries the students completed for this week's homework. Feel free to record your own response! I'm so impressed with all the students speaking skills and it was neat to hear them summarizing their articles rather than just reading a summary.

Global Read Aloud

There's only two weeks left in our Global Read Aloud!

This week, we participated in a mystery Skype with a class in Illinois and a Skype book club with our friends in Georgia. Many students came up with excellent questions to ask the other class. They were doing a fantastic job asking "Why" and "How" questions!

We received more postcards from classes who are reading the book across the US and we got one from CANADA too! We mailed our first postcards and will hopefully get more out next week. If you have any Delaware postcards or are willing to donate some postage, that would be awesome!

We're Bloggers! Click to check out our blogs.

This link will take you to our class blogs. Each student has his/her own blog within our class blog. It's always fun to get comments so if you get a minute check out what they wrote and leave a comment!


The theme of our ELA unit for this year is CHANGE.

This week we talked about things that change and made generalizations about change. You can see our generalizations in the picture below. After much discussion, we grouped our generalizations into 5 final generalizations:

  1. Change is linked to time.
  2. Change is everywhere.
  3. Change may be positive or negative.
  4. Change may be perceived as orderly or random.
  5. Change may happen naturally or may be caused by people.

As we read different books this year, we will focus our attention on the change that occurs within the book and discuss why the author chose for these changes to occur.

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Remember to think before you do

Next week, we will kick off a multiplication contest so please have your child make sure he/she is practicing their multiplication facts!

4th Grade

Students created Subtraction Anchor Charts which show different strategies appropriate for 4th graders that may help solve subtraction problems. Of course, we talked about how the same strategy is rarely the best strategy for all problems, so it's important to consider the numbers before choosing an appropriate and efficient strategy.

HOME CONNECTION: Ask to see your child's chart. Create subtraction problems for your child to solve and see which strategy they choose to solve it. Then ask them why they chose that strategy!

We started a new math unit Factors, Multiples, and Leftovers and talk about properties of numbers such as prime/composite, odd/even, factors, multiples, and square numbers. To practice using these properties to determine numbers we played a couple rounds of "Guess my number" on Desmos. You can play this at home by visiting and entering class code 9EGC8.

5th Grade

Since we had so many assignments in progress focusing on Volume we extended the unit into this week. You can see what your child has been working on in Schoology as that is where all the assignments have been completed. Students were working on a project where they were designing a pool and had to apply what they learned about Volume to successfully complete this task.

I'm sure the best part of learning about Volume, according to my students, would be they were able to use Minecraft! The great thing about Minecraft is that cubes are used to create structures therefore the game makes for great discussions about volume. Students built structures with specific dimensions and then problem solved how to double, triple, and halve volumes by altering the structure. Ask you child what claim he/she can make about the size of dimensions and how they will affect the total volume!

Next week, we begin our unit on fractions. We begin with adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators and will then investigate multiplying and dividing fractions too.

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