Next Generation Science Training

NGSX - Held in Fenton

You are invited to...

The Next Generation Science Exemplar
Learning System for Science Educators

The Next Generation Science Exemplar (or NGSX) professional learning system is a unique learning environment designed to connect learners to a multi-faceted web-platform — with a wide range of digital (video and print) resources, guided activities, and interactivity with colleagues. NGSX provides a unique, image-rich context for combinations of K-12 teachers, administrators, and coaches. Together, in face-to-face study groups, NGSX participants explore the major ideas found in the NRC Framework and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), developing tools and strategies to take this new vision back into their classrooms. This will support professional learning about how to create and support a knowledge-building culture.

· Building Understanding

· Sense-making

· Phenomena

· Prior Knowledge

· Discourse

· Consensus

· Modeling/Explanation/Argument

· Shifting from “Learning About” to "Figuring Out”

The PD entails...

  • Participation in PD on August 22, 23, 24 in Fenton.
  • Future participation in two sessions of PD held at the ISD during the 2016-2017 school year. One session will occur on your choice of 9/26, 9/28, 9/29 or 9/30.
  • A stipend of $300 for attendance at all three days in August thanks to Title IIa grant funds.
  • First preference will be given to Fenton teachers of grades K, 1, 5 and middle school and high school science. Remaining slots will be filled by grades 2, 3, and 4 teachers.
  • $100 to be spent on science materials for your classroom


If Fenton's 32 slots don't fill, the ISD will open it to other districts. Please RSVP by May 16, 2016. Sorry for the rush!


Melody Strang

Director of Instructional Technology & Curriculum Services

Fenton Area Public Schools