1G Weekly News


Notes and Updates

Hi parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3-day weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving. We had so much fun celebrating with the students and making Stone Soup. We also enjoyed expressing what we were thankful for on Kidpix.

In reading last week, students explored character traits and learned the difference between inside and outside traits. They even got to do a reading web to describe each trait they learned their character had as they read their books. We also had a fun time on Wednesday reading in the garden and enjoying the cooler weather.

In writing, students continued to work on their illustrations focusing on word choice of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. They also worked on adding colors and outlining to make their illustrations pop.

In math, students learned about subtraction and the minus sign. We played many subtraction games and started to solve subtraction word problems.

In science, students had a lot of fun going to the lab and exploring soil. Now the students can tell you that soil is made of different types of rocks and humus. They also thought it was cool to see the soil separate in water because it made the water turn yellow.

Please make sure to visit my blog, http://skeane1g.blogspot.com for some lovely pictures of all the student's fun learning.


Shannon Keane

Special Announcements

Dear Parents,

1. Costumes need to be here by tomorrow Dec. 1st!!!!!

  • 1G will be featuring two Danish songs for "Fastelavn" (Shrovetide). Both boys and girls should wear what are essentially Halloween-type costumes, but without hats, masks that cover the mouth. The students should not have wands or hand-held "accessories" for the concert.

  • The concert clothing should be clearly labeled with student’s name. .
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A Peek at the Week


Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, 11:30pm


Doha, Doha

The concert will be held in the high school theatre. Doors will open at 11:15.

Children's Used Book Sale

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 7:45am to Thursday, Dec. 4th, 1pm


Doha, Doha

The High School Global Issues Club and the Upper Elementary Student Council are hosting a used book sale. Only 5 QR for one book. Proceeds will benefit Syrian refugees and school building projects in Indonesia.

Students may buy books before school or at recess.

A Night of Fun and Games

Thursday, Dec. 4th, 3:15-4:30pm

American School of Doha

Come and have a night of fun and games to support school construction in Kenya!

Report Cards

Thursday, Dec. 4th, 3pm


Report Cards will be electronically sent home on Thursday.