Wonderful world of rides!

Six flags New England has so many rides, it would be hard to count. To be exact, there are about 45 rides not including the water park! Six flags is a perfect place to have fun with friends and go on very interesting rides!

History of Six flags New England

Henry Perkins transformed a picnic grove to Six Flags New England. The first of the many rides at Six Flags New England was a gondola ride (Ferris Wheel.) Over time, this amazing amusement park has expanded, with lots of new rides!

Cool Rides

  • Bizarro

  • Thunderbolt

  • Flashback

  • Batman - The Dark Knight

  • Goliath

  • Scream

  • Wicked Cyclone

Six Flags Today!

Six Flags New England is visited by 600 or more people a day! They have a lot of scary attractions and they are enjoyed by many adults, kids, and young adults too. This place is all about facing your fear of heights, the rides are so high up, it's really scary! So if you want to have something to do, and you like going on rides, you should get up and go to SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND!
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Made by: Geena Toro