"The all-giving"

Pandora's Deigning

After humans received a stolen gift of fire from Prometheus was when this started. Zeus with anger give humanity a job to compensate for the gift they had been given. Zeus makes Hephaestus mold from earth the first woman of "beautiful evil" who would torment the human race. She had no name but when she first appears before the gods and mortals as they looked upon her, she was "sheer guile, not to be withstood by man."
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Different interpretations

Throughout the years of the myth of Pandora there has different interpretations. Pandora and her jar from a pre-hesiodic myth that this explains confession and many problems with the myth. Some differences are how the jar or box had first all good for humanity. Even some accounts say that the jar was all evil but with hope for humanity. What Pandora was created for was to bring more dreary and depressing for life. One interpretation is even where Pandora was a gift but with a curse as well.

Origin of The Box

Back then when there was no science humans still wanted to find out why things happen. Pandora Box was to explain why dreadful thing happened. Examples are sickness, death, and disasters. The Myth goes that man have gone throw life without worry but when the Jar came that changed. When Pandora got too curious she oped the box/Jar and unlisted all the ills of the world.

Today Pandora

Today Pandora box is a reference to a source of trouble. When people say they opened Pandora box they mean that they do not know what they are getting them self into. It also means that they do not know what something they started will end.
Pandora's Box
The Pandora Myth