Evergreen Math

June 14, 2017


Grades and Finishing Strong!

Whew! We are finally done with all major tests. Grades are getting close to being finalized. Currently, we are working on a few projects. Yesterday, the students had to make a dog house and a stained glass art design using equations written down in our DESMOS graphing app. I hope your students have shared their projects with you, they are very creative!!!! We will be sharing these in class probably on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. I know some of our kids will be at 8th grade graduation.

The Plan for the Rest of the Year

Today, we are doing a project called "CSI: Algebra" which uses skills of factoring and quadratic functions to solve a mystery.

Tomorrow we'll be working on finishing projects and will be having some fun with Kahoot.

Next week we'll be tying up loose ends along with having some fun celebrating their accomplishments. The schedule makes it tough on Wednesday and Thursday because of the 8th grade promotion ceremonies. Since we will only have about half of the kids in class, I'm still trying to figure out what to do for those two days.

In other news..........

We had 100% of our students pass SBAC, whoo hoo!!! I'm really proud of them!!!

We also had a 91% average on our last test!

Anyways, you will be getting one more letter from me next week for the end of the year. Thanks everyone!! If you are concerned about your kiddo going into Geometry next year, please let me know ASAP. There are a few students I'll be having a conversation with to make sure they are ready. Thanks!

Khan Academy/Moby

All Moby/Khan time is due this Sunday for the last two weeks. We will not be doing it next week. Thanks for your hard work kids!