Hawk Highlights

March 3, 2022

Dear Families and Friends of the Hollys,

The Colorado Measure of Academic Success (CMAS) testing window opens on March 29, 2022. This testing allows us to measure how well our students are performing toward mastery of the content of the state standards. Please look for further information from your child’s teacher. A daily schedule will also be forthcoming.

As always, if you want to proactively excuse your student from state testing this year, you must fill out the “State Assessment Exemption” form located in your parent portal at https://my.cherrycreekschools.org. You can view instructions for filling out the exemption here: https://www.cherrycreekschools.org/Page/4142.

Spring Break is quickly approaching! This year, our Spring Break is March 14 – 18, 2022. We hope this upcoming break will afford families time for rest and relaxation and we look forward to students returning on Monday, March 21, 2022!

We would like to thank our partnership with the Hollys Parent Teacher Community Organization (PTCO). Our PTCO continues to be an unwavering support for students and staff, partnering with us and celebrating our wonderful school community! We thank you for your consistently positive support which allows us to keep our focus on student joy and success.

Additionally, we are so grateful to our parents and guardians who are joining in partnership with us during Spring Conferences! We welcome your insight about your student as a learner and thank you for your willingness to trust and collaborate with us, so we can provide the most respectful and dignified learning experiences for our students.

As always, thank you for your contributions to our school community. By working together, we can ensure our Holly Hawks continue to reach new heights in their education.

Your partner in education,

Chris Toliver

Assistant Principal

Thank You to Jeff Wiencrot and Sphero!

The Hollys would like to extend a big thank you to Jeff Wiencrot and Sphero for donating a classroom set of the wonderful Indi Car Robots to our S.T.E.M. classroom. Thank you Jeff!

First Grade's 120th Day Celebration

In first grade, we learn to count to 120. As a result, we will be celebrating the 120th day of school on Friday, March 11th!

We are asking every student to create a “collection poster” of 120 things that they can bring to school to present to their classmates on March 11th! This needs to be done at home.

We would like to collect the completed posters the week of March 7th-10th. Please make sure collections are at school no later than Thursday March, 10th.

Some examples of collections include: Buttons, pennies, cereal, beads, legos, pencils, erasers, candy, stickers, cotton balls or q-tips, post-it notes, bandaids, box tops, pom poms, hair ties, rubber bands, paperclips.

If you have any questions or need help with this activity, please let us know.

Thank you!

The First Grade Team

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A Message from the Hollys PTCO

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I Matter - Mental Health Services for Colorado Youth

I Matter is a behavioral health services program that was established to provide access to mental health services for youth in Colorado. The program is open to youth 18 years of age or younger or 21 years of age or younger if receiving special education services. To learn more, go to https://imattercolorado.org/.

Clothes to Kids of Denver

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