Self-mutilation in Adolescence.

Brittany Lane

What is self-mutilation?

Self-mutilation is a general term for a variety of forms of intentional self-harm without the wish to die. Cutting one's skin with razors or knives is the most common pattern of self-mutilation. Others include biting, hitting, or bruising oneself; picking or pulling at skin or hair; burning oneself with lighted cigarettes, or amputating parts of the body.


Wheaton North High School is school located within the outskirts of the city, Chicago. The school, like any other school has its own problems of students and self-harm. Unlike other schools Wheaton High tries to help its students. "No Harm Contract" is how the students receive help, By signing the contract students are promising they will not bring bodily harm to themselves. It also list the names of additional personal whom can help them and a hotline number.

This high school, unlike others in the States, chooses to do something about the problems of adolescences now. The schools involvement in its students health and safety shows everyone that, self-harm is a true problem and that ignoring it won't make it go away.

Mass Media:

On YouTube, there is over 500,00 videos on self-harm stories all over the world. Each video tells the story of how they came to self-harming and either why they continue to do so or why they choose to stop. The reaction to these videos is divided evenly among the audiences. About one third are either comforted, turned off or neutral to the videos. Not only are there videos online, but now there are chat rooms specifically for self-harm.

The videos either encourage or discourage people to deal with their pain through self-mutilation. It all really depends on the person watching to depict what is good or bad for themselves.



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