Boston Gazette


Oppression among our people

Our rights as colonists are being violated and ignored by the redcoats and the stubborn King of England. First the Sugar Act, then the Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, and now the bloody Boston Massacre. The sudden invasion of Brit soldiers caused much tension in our town of Boston. Between the brutal killings of five of our men, and the cruel taxation--they must be stopped.

Invasion of our lives

Power is Poison

Where do these Brits get off raising our taxes? We already paid the King for that idiotic Pitt's debt. It is an atrocity that we pay anymore to him or his people. We left his country for a reason. The redcoats stormed in our homes, our shops, and our buildings to steal and punish. Now, we are out of jobs, out of time, and out of hope. The resources are limited and despair has set in deep.
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