The Barn Owl


What Is a Barn Owl ?

A barn is discribed as a owl with a heart shape face, black eyes, a golden color and lightly speckeld wings and body

Where Are Barn Owls ?

barn owls are in a good amount in places such as Africa, asia, astrailia, china, europe, indian subcontadent, canada, madagascar, meditrainean, north amarica, south amarica and the united kingdom.

The barn owls daily diet


The barn owl habitat is like any other bird you know like:~ Trees~Abandon buildings~ Holes in the ground~ Edge of cliffs~ And barns.

Why are they endangered

the barn owls are endangered because:* us humans are takeing there habitat* they are getting a loss of food

What can we do to help ?

The way that we can help the barn owl is:1) we need to stop useing there grass land2) we need to stop cutting down trees3) and stop building unesusary buildings like: Mc donalds, Subway and Walmart.