Gone To Texas

Nate Huddleston

Laws, Requirement of colonists

You have to become a Mexican citizen, you have to become a catholic believer, and you have to follow all the Mexican laws,

Land policy is:

  • If you were a settler you received a labor or 177 acres, those who raised cattle could obtain a "Sidio", or a square league of four thousand four hundred twenty eight acres.
  • Many settlers received both. They gave Land titles to the colonists.

The cost of it is:

  • the cost of land per acre is $1.25
  • Or you can pay it out 12.5 per acre and paid out over several years

The Description of the land in Texas

Coastal Plains

  • It is in eastern Texas, Coastline of the gulf of Mexico.
  • Wetlands, forests,contains most of the major rivers in TEXAS!
  • Mild climate , large amounts of rainfall , high winds, floods, and hurricanes.
  • Agriculture , goods can be imported, oil, gas,timber, and technology.

  • North central plains
  • Rolling prairies, Few rivers
  • Summers are short , winters are cool to cold.
  • drought, high winds, and tornadoes.
  • Manufacturing, and agriculture.