Sheldon ISD Tech Tips

November/December 2017

Region 4 Digital Learning Conference

Every year, Region 4 hosts a fantastic Digital Learning Conference. This year's conference will be on January 18th, 2018. If you are interested in adding to your 21st Century Teacher Toolbox, visit here to read more information and register:

Gsuite Training

Have you noticed an icon like the one to the right in some of your Google Apps in the upper right corner of the screen? It is an extension called Gsuite training and was pushed out to all of us by our Google Admin. You will find this handy little tool in Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms, Google+, and Classroom.

When you click on the extension, you will find brief steps and videos to walk you through something you may not know how to do. Not sure about team drives? Just watch that section. Can't remember how to do something in Google Classroom? Click the icon and look for your topic. Or- watch them all and become a Google pro!

Read more about the extension here:

Hour of Code

The National Event - Hour of Code - takes place during the week of December 4 - 10th with the goal of having students all over the world participate in one hour of learning coding and computer science skills. In past years we have had students on every campus participate in the event. For more information about how to participate in hour of code, click here:

Google Chrome Extensions

Extensions are little mini-programs that you can add to your Google Chrome toolbar to make your work life more efficient. To do so, go to the Chrome Web Store and search Extensions. If you find one you like, add it! It will stay in your Chrome browser no matter which computer you use. Some of my favorites are below.

Please note: you may find 25 extensions that sound awesome - but don't install them all or you risk slowing your system down.

The 8 Best Chrome Extensions Chosen By Teachers

Semester Exam Review Tools

We all look for ways to help our students practice and retain content from throughout the first semester. The tools below are great for supplementing your reviews and providing students with multiple ways to practice with and review content.

Annette Clark, M. Ed

STEM Academy Facilitator/Digital Learning Specialist