Gifted and Talented Showcase


1st Grade Historians

Our 1st grade students have researched and learned about Jacksonville's Sesquicentennial, 150th Anniversary, 1872-2022. To commemorate this special occasion, they have created a special "museum display" depicting Jacksonville: Then and Now. After much discussion and hard work, city planners first completed a STEAM activity to make 3D paper models of the various modes of transportation used throughout the decades. Businesses and homes were then designed using paper sacks and placed to show the city's Gum Creek location and, it's current location, moved due to the expansion of the railroad. Lake Jacksonville and the sky over Jacksonville are also included to show water and air craft. The 1st graders are so proud of the outcome and have learned the importance of team work.

Some of our City Planners

2nd Grade Scientists

Our 2nd grade students worked in small groups to become scientists and innovators as they were inspired by a lesson based on the book, How Many Miles to Jacksonville? by Tony Johnston. The story, set in the 1940's, was read aloud by Preston Parker and recorded at the tomato shed near Patton Street. Many students recognized the location and train crossing and were interested to know more about Jacksonville's history and the experiences of the children portrayed in the book. Students had the opportunity to taste "ole timey" sodas and candies, touch and smell lye soap and "wrapper soaps," try on fashions from the past, examine authentic Indian head pennies and Buffalo nickels, hear Tex Ritter sing about the East Texas railroad lines, and play with classic games and toys.

East Side students researched more about the history of transportation and created their own toy cars, planes, helicopters and rockets. Some created a board game based on the book featuring the stops along the 100 mile HE&WT railway from Louisiana to Jacksonville. Also a custom mural was designed and created to inspire everyone to; Be Unique, Stand Out, Shine and Be Colorful.

West Side students conducted soda pop science experiments comparing reactions between Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Mentos candies to come to many explosive conclusions!

Fred Douglass students had lots of good clean fun as they conducted soap science experiments to make their own homemade soaps and bath bombs.

Joe Wright students simulated games from the book and created their own physics experiments while creating "racing lizards" made out of string, plastic cups and paper tubing.

3rd and 4th Graders Follow their Passions

The 3rd and 4th graders learned and followed the Passion Hour process of the 6P's: passion, plan, pitch, project, product and presentation to complete their Passion Projects. The 3rd graders worked in teams of two or three and many 4th graders worked individually to accomplish their goals. Students researched topics of interest and asked "burning questions" to discover the purpose of their projects: to show kindness, be innovative, or change a perspective. Areas covered were literature, math, science, history, innovation and art to name a few. The projects are on display throughout the hallways and libraries on each campus. Students are proud of their finished projects and are all ready planning for next year!
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