Evolution Evidence

By Mecee C, Victoria M, Vallory, Neha B.


  • The first set of evidence which supports evultion is that in the island of Hawaii is a family of birds that are known has the honeycreepers. They all have similarites in skeletel and muscle structure that indicates they are all closely related. They also have a special bill which helps eat certain food which suggest that all 23 species came from a single specie that migrated there. It significant because it shoes they are closely similar and so it must of came from the same specie.
  • The second set of evidence is most specie on the islands are more related compared to the species on the mainland. Therefore, the islands species must have migrated from the original mainland area where the species originated which explains why species on the Galapagos islands are similar to South America then those species in West Africa. Its significant because it shows that they had a common ansester but since then, they are so completely different.

Molecular Biologist

1- The protein cytochrome c, essential for aerobic respiration in one such universal compound. the universality of cytochrome c is evidence that all aerobic organisms probably descended from a common ancestor that used this compound for respiration.

2-Genetic similarity connect us and roughly 10 million other species in the modern world to the entire history of life.

3-In 1987, british researchers demonstrated the human gene could be inserted into the cells of a lowly yeast and it functions pretty well. In a experiments it was shown that the gene in question, one the controlled the division cells, was extremely similar despite the fact that yeast and the ancestors of humans diverged about 1 million ago.

4-Rabbits and monkeys are more a like to humans because of evolution, we have less differences in the nucleotides than the other animals which is why that significant towards the evolution.


Studying the oldest reptiles, they had mammal like features in their skeletal structure. Now studying todays reptiles they don't. Showing the first of this species to be completely different from todays, you can infer some type of evolution happened over time which is why thats significant.

Early birds and bats used to walk, over time they adapted to and formed wings like todays bats and birds. Adaptions from possible weather climates can show why they revolutionized to what they look like today.


  • The first set of evidence towards evolution is if the forelimbs of a human bat and a penguin are observed, they are very different in their appearance but in their homologous structures are actually quite similar. This is significant because it shows that there birds came from the same ancestor.
  • The second set of evidence towards evolution is that many orginism have organs that do not serve an actual function knows as vestigal organs. Although they are difference organisms, they have a common structure and can be viewed as a evidence of evolution since they probably have the same ancestor which is why thats significant.