Sports Hero's

And explanation of People that make sports interesting.

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The Star MVP

How Michael Jordan turns from a kid to a star MVP. Read it here.

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Cam Newton Becomes A Star

Newton's History of Football. Read the article here.

Flipping to the Olympics

The 2016 Gymnastics Olympics Team. Read Here for more.

How to tie your Shoes

1.Tie a knot with your laces.

2.Then wrap the laces around the lace.

3.Tie another knot so it doesn't come untied.

4.Have a cool way to tie your shoes.

Movie Review: Forrest Gump

In the movie Forrest Gump it is a about a boy named Forrest that has a disability and isn't too smart. He lives in a small town with his mom and has little friends until he meets Jenny, the sweetest girl in the world, who treats him nicely. One day some bullies were riding bikes to chase him but he had a hard time getting away because of his disability but he kept running and his braces broke off and he ran far far away as Jenny yelled, "Run, Forrest, run!".

His running got him on a football team as the running back position and he was a good one. After college he joined the army and went to fight in Vietnam where he met his buddy Bubba and later buddy Lt. Dan. They were ambushed and Bubba died but Lt. Dan lost his legs. Forrest though was saving everyone and when Dan told him to leave him Forrest saved him anyway.

One day he just felt like running and he did. He ran to many places until he went home. Also he had promised Bubba to start a shrimp business which he did and got a lot of money which he gave to Bubba's family. A couple of years later he found Jenny and found out that he had a kid, but was sad because in a couple of days he would be a single parent. This movie made me feel sad and happy and maybe it can make you feel that way to. This is a must see!