Vocabulary Class


About me

My name is SeJeong. I am from Korea. I have two daughters. One is Yewon and another is Jiwon. Both are high school students. I am a Otterbein University ESL Student. I want to study English because I want to improve my English skill. However, I will come back to Korea this June so I am very sad. I will miss my friends, classmate and teachers.

A list of Vocabulary Terms

  1. Collocations: Two word or more words that often go togather---have a bath, do the cooking, have a good time
  2. Phrasal Verbs: Two verbs that get together(informal)---blow up, break down, catch up
  3. Idiom: world that are used in everyday language, but have a different meaning---at the drop of a hat, give it a shot, slipped my mind
  4. Synonyms: Two words that have same meaning--Enormous=Immense=Huge
  5. Homophones: Comparing two words have same sound, but different meaning--blew-blue,coo-coup, dear-deer