HR Update

March 2018

Contracts Issued

Mark your calendar now.... You can review certified staff contracts April 23-25, 2018. Please see Sharetta Dozier to review them. You will then issue contracts to your staff on April 26, 2018. All contracts must be returned to HR by May 10, 2018. Look for more information to come.

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.

In regards to recommendations....

....If you are going to recommend an employee, please remember that background checks have to be done, references must be checked and Human Resources has to approve the employee before they can be notified that they have the job. Please do not commit to someone that you are hiring them for the job without HR clearance. If the background check, reference, etc. doesn't come back acceptable, it puts you and the district in a difficult position. You may share your interest in the candidate and let them know what the process is to confirm their potential employment.

Where are you with 18-19 positions?

As you come across those great candidates, don't forget that we are looking for excellent pool candidates for all schools. Even if you don't have an opening, let us know when you come across a potential candidate. The more we can get in the pool now, the better off we will be! Let Kimberly Scott know if she can help you in any way. Now is the time.

Support Staff Transfer Requests- Please Read Carefully

HR has taken great steps in ensuring that all vacancies be posted prior to any recommendation for all openings. As a district, we want to help cultivate our staff. Posting all vacancies gives everyone an opportunity to apply for positions of their interest. Also within the last year, the HR8 form (Employment Recommendation Form) has been revised and requires principals to affirm that they have viewed all internal transfer requests. This serves as a courtesy to employees who wish to make a transfer for various reasons to include promotions, travel accommodations and expanding skills.

When helping a support staff employee with the transfer request process, please keep in mind the following procedures to ensure their consideration.

  1. An HR43 Form (Transfer Request Form) must be completed, signed by an administrator and sent to HR. Kate Barrett in our department currently handles all Support Staff Transfer Requests.

  2. The online portion of the transfer request must be complete as well. This must be completed by logging into Employee Online, selecting the Recruitment Tab and “applying” for the desired position through the Recruitment Tab.

  3. If an HR43 form is not turned into HR, and the employee uploads the Transfer Request themselves, THEY MUST NOTIFY HR (Kate Barrett) to verify their online submission.

  4. In order to be considered for a position, the online transfer request must have a status of “VERIFIED”. Employees can check the status of their transfer request by looking at their profile under the Recruitment Tab. If the status is not “VERIFIED”, they must contact HR in order to verify and complete the process.

  5. Employees must apply for every position they are interested in.

  6. Currently, the transfer request does not provide much information about the applicant, therefore, attaching a resume is highly recommended.

We are currently working on a less complicated transfer request process. As we move forward, we will make every effort to help our internal candidates become more outstanding. Thank you for your cooperation with the current process and helping our employees advance their careers with Lexington County School District One.

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Please remember to contact us if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way.