Virginia Colony

By Jordyn Mangoni


The name of Virginia colony was home to people of vastly different life styles but that's not all. The people in Virginia had many different styles. As in other aspect of life there was a great differents in the food eaten by rich and poor. Smith was not a nice guy he put everybody to work they were starving there hand all blistered to. The home of Virginia colony was home to people that were different some were the same often.

Life In Colonial Virginia

The people of Virginia had many different styles.

The colonial Virginia was home to people of vastly different life styles.the setters of Virginia valued family highly. For them family meant aunts,uncles,and other relations living together. Sometimes family also build houses close to one another. The children of colonial Virginia were raised to be strong-willed boys in the same time they were raised to control their emotions.the colonists taught there children to memorize a list of the rules of how to behave. wealthy landowners dressed in expensive and fashionable clothes/weathy men wore well-made breeches and expensive silk stockings.They wore silver buckles on the heel on there shoe and often carried swords. Small people in Virginia wore long shirts or dresses until the age of six or seven then they wore what the parents wore.The people in colonial times wore different things.

Poor And Rich

As in other aspect of life there was a great differents in the food eaten by rich and poor. The wealthiest liked eating beef as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. The poor people of Virginia had a more limited diet and they often had one pot to cook in. Many of there meals like soup, ground corn, and mush also green flavored with pork. In Virginia they liked the green flavor on there pork but all that's prepared in one pot. People also liked to at all levels also loved to add spices to there food. However the rich/wealthy hunted deer but meanwhile the poor killed birds often but not all the time. Today it didn't really matter about food but in Virginia it did.

Englishman Starving

Smith was not a nice guy he put everybody to work they were starving tired not fun for them. Smith was not the kind of man to hold grudes. Put everybody to work at what ever they could be taught to do. The soft palms of the gentlemen's hands were blistered by ax handles and saws they complained loudly about the hard labor they had to do. There curse cause Smith to make a humorous rule that every men wasted his breath and energy swearing must have a can of cold water poured up his sleeve. It was uncomfortable in hot weather also in cold weather it was a real hardship.Smith settlers also dug a deep well of sweet water inside the fort this ended the use of unhelthy river water for drinking and cooking.Even thought they didin't what to work for Smith they still work together.


In Virgina children,parents life was different.Poor and rich one pot to cook englishmen were disaponted have to work for Smith.Way different styles silk stockings carried swords wore long shirts dresses untill age six/seven then wore parents clothing. Rich and poor not fare hade one pot to cook in killed birds. Rich got to hunt deer. Smith got what ever englishmens hand red was uncomfortabe in hot weather also cold not fun. Virgina colony was a place were englishmen had to work,rich and poor different and children parents life styles there different.


hardship - Pain and suffering

Grudes -To give of do allow (something) in a reluctant or unwilling way.

John Smith - The english explorer who had colonized Virginia


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