Han Dynasty Golden Age

Silk Road

The silk Road was a major trade route opened during the Han Dynasty, it was 6,000 miles long. It brought China in contact with other civilizations, the items exchanged included silk, gold, jade,tea and spices, diseases, religions, philosophies and ideas were also traded.

Han Dynasty Science

Han Scientists wrote textbooks on zoology, botany, and chemistry. Han scientists figured out how to make paper from wood pulp. Han scientists to measure earthquakes.
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Han Dynasty Technology

The Han dynasty inventions were some of the greatest contributions not only in the Chinese society but even across the globe. One of the most important inventions was paper. Paper allowed the government to easily keep records and pass on instructions throughout the empire.Other important inventions include iron casting, crop rotation, and acupuncture as well as advancements in medicine, mathematics, building, agriculture, engineering, and astronomy.

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