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May 31, 2016

Happy End of School!

Thank you so much for all of the work you have done this year and all the love you have shown your learners and each other! Of course, it's a fun time, but also take a moment to remember the work you have done this year has mattered to so many.
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Update Graph in PLC Room- Extension!

Please have your grade level graph updated in the PLC room by Wednesday, June 1. (Seriously)


Thursday is our last day. Once the learners leave at 12:50 we will have a faculty luncheon. Please make sure you sign-up for a check-out time.

Attire for the last week of school

Tuesday - jeans

Wednesday - jeans

Thursday - jeans or school appropriate shorts

Please, no running tights (still). :)

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Istation and Reflex

iStation and Reflex will be available during the summer for learners. Please communicate this to parents and learners. Also, Reflex will give prizes to 20 learners who gain the most fluency over the summer (2nd-4th).

Elementary Student Survey from Debbie Youngs

Please have your 2nd-5th grade learners use the link below to access the end-of-the-year Elementary Student Survey. Answers will be compiled after the last day of school for all campuses, and the results will be shared with the Board in the fall. Thank you for your help in gathering input from your learners!

Elementary Student Survey

Mathematics from Mary Kemper

Summer Professional Learning Opportunities through Region 10 can be found at ...

Summer Professional Learning Region X

Language and Literacy from Heather Cato

LIT CAMP - Coppell

Literacy Inspired Teaching

Dates: 6/15 - 6/16 and 8/4 - 8/5 - 8:30 - 3:30

Registration Link

Over the course of this four day experience, participants will experience an intense but fun and engaging multi-day literacy adventure that will focus on the teaching of reading and writing. Participants will experience how to make the connection between reading and writing, use mentor texts with their students, and understand how to address student thinking and comprehension of the many reading and writing genres. Come join the fun, and experience this meaningful adventure!

EOY Technology Information from the District

Returning to same campus staff:

  • All desktops will be imaged. Make sure you have everything saved to the network or the cloud.
  • No desktop computers should be moved for any reason. They are assigned to the room, not the staff member. Please do not unplug them.
  • Please clear the area of any personal items to ensure nothing is broken. We are not responsible for personal items.
  • If you are moving rooms, please take your phone with you to your new room prior to leaving for summer.
  • All mobile devices should be checked in/out from the library.
  • All teacher laptops should be imaged prior to leaving for summer.

Transferring staff:

  • Your mobile devices (iPad/MBA) will move with you to your new campus. They will still need to be checked in/out. At your new campus, they will be transferred over in the Fall by checking in with the librarian. **Please note that MBA transfers apply to Secondary only for this year**
  • You will need to turn your phone into the office secretary or library (as designated by your campus)

Non-returning staff:

  • You will need to sign out of iCloud and remove it from your iPad.
  • You will need to turn in all devices checked out to you. The library can run a report if you are unsure.
  • You will need to turn in your phone to the office secretary or library as designated by your campus.
  • You will need to ensure you have any documents, emails, etc. you might want to keep, copied to a personal location prior to your account being disabled at midnight of the last day of your contract. We will not re-enable accounts to retrieve documents.

How is it possible we only have 3 days left?!?!?

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