Colonial Region Brochure

By Matt Zbylicki


Jamestown- No Natives! We don't need to cooperate with them! We were founded by John Smith in 1607 and were one of the first settlements in the New World. Come to Jamestown to strike it rich with, you guessed it, black gold, otherwise known as tobacco. Our agriculture is thriving and you can get in the game, come to Jamestown for new beginnings!

Plymouth Rock- Religious freedom!! Escape persecution and come to Plymouth Rock. Founded by John Winthrop in 1630 Plymouth Rock is an agriculture and manufacturing boomtown. Puritans unite, conservatives come all united as one! Our population is large but no reason that can't grow! Come to Plymouth Rock!!

Philadelphia- So much power!! Our civilization will only grow. William Penn hit the jackpot here when he founded Philadelphia in 1682. We have lots of land and we are powerful. Come start a new life in Philadelphia!

New York City- Finally, English control! No longer New Amsterdam, we are now New York! The Dutch left us building blocks for a successful colony leaving us survival ideas from buildings to food. Our major industries are agriculture and manufacturing. Come try the "Holy Experiment" as we establish New York as a colony. Come to New York and experience a new culture today!

Boston- Escaping persecution is your goal, we are here to help with that! Come to the center of trade in the Northeast! Watch your dreams be fulfilled as you and a rush of new settlers come to our colony!

Final Questions

1. They had lots of reasons for establishing the new colonies of Georgia and Pennsylvania. Penn wanted to make his colony a haven for his fellow Quakers. They were persecuted by Anglicans and Puritans, and had no formal clergy. Another reason was he wanted it to be a "Holy Experiment" for people of different nationalities and beliefs. On the other hand, Georgia was a "Social Experiment." The colony failed after Oglethorpe and a partner aided only the most virtuous and industrious poor. This colony attracted little followers because of its prohibition of rum and slavery. Colonists were angered on the no slavery rule and their colony failed.

2. William Penn's vision for Pennsylvania was to create a haven for his fellow Quakers. He didn't want war and wanted religious freedom for all.

3. Prior to English control, New York City was named New Amsterdam.

4. James (Duke of York) kept part of the colony (renamed New York.)

5. The English focused their early colonization efforts on North and South Carolina because it attracted European Jews, Germans, Scots, Scots-Irish, and West Indies. Fleeing religious persecution this area was very attractive to new settlers.

Matt Zbylicki

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