Apps for K-12 Classrooms

210 Flyer

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This app is mostly based around the sharing of photos, and I think it would be a great way to display projects (through picture format) or even artwork. This app allows for the posting of photos but it also allows for comments to be made on the photos. This means that students could receive feedback for the work that they post. Through this mobile app, a community of intellectuals can be built. Also, if a student needs inspiration for a project, their classmate's work is only a click away.
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This app is used to create and edit movies. This would be great for an English class if a student wanted to record a skit for a project or even just do a movie project. Also, it would be great to record performances as well. Also, a plus is that you can upload straight to YouTube. Students could then get feedback on their work, or they could post it privately and have it strictly for class.
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Khan Academy

This app is great for education purposes because it allows students to watch videos on different subject areas, and then there are quizzes available to test the student's knowledge. This app allows students to learn at their own pace, and the videos are short so it is easy to watch them on the way to school or during breaks. The videos can also be used as a refresher, and then the quizzes will help the students know what level they are at. Khan Academy is great for visual learners, and safe for students of all ages. (Parental controls/blocks are available).
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Prezi is a great mobile app, and it is free as well. This app allows students to create presentations in their own unique way. It is like PowerPoint, except students have much more freedom to create whatever they may have in mind. It is a drag and drop tool, and it is easy to master. This would be great for presentations, or a better way (for some) to do a book report. The flexibility of the app lets teachers see how students think as we watch how they create their presentations.
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Scribble Press

This app is great for students that are interested in art, or even just students who learn better visually. This app allows students to create their own stories as well as choose from templates that the app provides. The app is great for helping students tap into their creativity and get their enthusiasm for class flowing. This app could be used to create a visual component to a story that students would have to write in an English class. Also, another thing students could do is animate journal entries.