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Issue I September/October 2019

A Note from Ms. Kate

What's Good! OG Community and Friends! This is our very first issue of the OG Dragon Newsletter, and I am feeling incredibly encouraged and excited about it! I am the Newspaper Adviser, which means I am leading the experiment. If you have any feedback, ideas, events, concerns, praise, or other thoughts, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. My email is klicitra@pps.net. Also, if you are an OG student, be sure to submit your opinions to the OPINION BOX that sits outside my room, 213! We want to hear from you! Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to lift up student voices and create a positive community here at OG!

OG Community News

Everything You Need To Know

Tornado Touch Down

By Jerry Strohecker

On Sunday September 8th at 6:50 pm swirling clouds above Beaverton prompted a Tornado warning in north Portland and Beaverton. The Tornado did cause damage in a Pumpkin Patch on Cornelius Pass Road. The Tornado lasted 3 minutes. And the Tornado traveled 800 feet. A news reporter interviewed the person that got hit by the tornado. The person said “This can’t be happening”. The Tornado caused 5 thousand dollars worth of damage.
Big picture

OG Staff Bulletin Board Competition

Before the start of school, the OG staff had a contest to see who could make the best bulletin board. They all had to include OG's core values, caring, collaboration, and growth. The winning board was created by Mr. Glinert, Ms. Held, Ms. Ransom, and Ms. Bauschert. Now, we all have beautiful dragon art displayed around the school.

Ockley Green Beautified!

By Mico O´Brien and Karter Green

Ockley Green staff worked with Recology to improve the look and feel of our school over the summer. The project started on August 24, and continued throughout the rest of the week. Recology brought several new additions to our school. For example, four soccer goals in our field, a re-done garden, newly painted doors, and other decorations.

The gym floor was re-made earlier this summer. It wasn’t apart of the Recology project, but we felt we should include it. It was a great thing that the people at Recology did for our school. We have interviewed Ms. Sackrider for details on this. The information is below.

Recology is a waste management company based in California, but every year they pick a school or community space to restore and beautify. This year our school, Ockley Green was chosen! As for the improvements they made; they completley remodeled our garden, they added new soccer goals, powerwashed the exterior of Ockley, painted doors and railings, and so much more! They also did all of this for free, with the help of over 100 volunteers! The whole project was done over the course of about a week. Ms. Sackrider thinks that now the outer appearance of our school will match the community inside, and the quality of learning that takes place. This also makes her feel proud to be apart of our school and hopes everyone who goes here will feel proud too.

Hurricane Dorian

by Amal Singh, Karter Green, Mico O’Brien, and Amelia Jost.

On August 24th, a category 5 hurricane entitled Hurricane Dorian ravaged the southeastern coast of the United States. There was flooding going on in these areas, and the population was affected by it. The wind speeds were estimated to be around 105 MPH.

Florida was, and still is, being affected by the damage. Hurricane preparations should be rushed to completion. The hurricane has recently hit the Bahamas, but seems to be weakening. People are helping the cause by preparing their houses for the storm, but others are being evacuated. The Bahamas is currently under construction due to the damages.

SUN Fall Term Starts

Monday, Oct. 7th, 3:45pm to Sunday, Dec. 15th, 6pm

Ockley Green Middle School

SUN School is an after school program in which students participate in fun activities. Check out the application forms ASAP to see the activities.

Important Dates to Remember:

Coffee with Principal: Sept. 27th 9:30 - 10:30

Mental Health Awareness: Sept. 30th - Oct. 4th

Sun School Starts: Oct. 7th

TAG Parent Meeting: Oct. 10 5:30-6:00

PTA Meeting: Oct. 10th 7- 8 pm

No School: Oct. 11th

Site Council mtg: Oct. 16th 5 - 6pm

Culture Committee mtg: Oct. 17th 4 - 5

Int’l Potluck: Oct. 24th 6 - 7


Ockley Green Lunch Clubs 2019-20

Amelia Mautz, Annabelle Gresh, Jerry Strohecker


  • Dungeons and Dragons with Mr. U in room # 225

  • Vinyl Listening Club with Ms. Sawyer in room #115


  • Jam Club with Mr. L in room #102-104

  • Black Student Union with Mr. Riser in room #117

  • Gay Straight Alliance with Ms. Trotter and Ms. Elizabeth in Ms. Trotter’s room, #218

  • Magic Card Game Club with Mr. Bennet room #144


  • Climate Action Club with Mr. Tharp in room #216

  • Tight Knit Crew with Ms. Sarah Portable #151 LIMIT 10 STUDENTS PER WEEK

  • Board Games and Coloring Club with Ms. Sheridan in room #103 LIMIT 8 STUDENTS PER WEEK

  • Dungeons and Dragons Club with Mr. U in room #225


  • Jam Club with Mr. L in room #102-104

  • Spanish Language Club with Mr. Krakow and Ms. Gonzalez in Ms Gonzalez’s room, #223

  • Beats and Rhymes with Mr.Riser in room #117

  • Anime- Manga (AniManga) Club with Ms. Trotter in room #218

  • Board and Card Game Club with Ms.Halbig in room #207


  • Latino Student Union with Ms. Gonzalez and Mr. Krakow in room #223 TWO FRIDAYS A MONTH

  • Board and Card Game Club with Ms. Halbig in room #207

  • Asian Student Union with Ms. Mendiola in room #215

  • Horror Book Club with Ms. Ravengael in room #105

SEI/SUN Partnership

DragonMart Food Pantry

Tuesdays & Thursdays

4 to 6 pm

Ockley Green students, families, and friends can come to the green Portables outside the school building to get FREE dairy, fruits, vegetables, and bread, canned or boxed.

SUN Fall Term Starts

October 7th to December 15

3:45 to 6:00 pm

SUN School is an after school program in which students participate in fun activities. Check out the application forms ASAP to see the activities.

Spotlight on OG Students

A section dedicated to highlighting our fabulous student body! The Spotlight Crew picks a new student from each grade every issue. Maybe you will be next?!

Jaysin McKinney

Jaysin is in 7th grade at Ockley, and used to go to Chief Joseph Elementary School. He enjoys playing video games in his free time, and likes the movie Grown Ups. Jaysin has 4 sisters, 1 brother, and a dog. His favorite teacher so far has been Ms. Halbig, and he would like to be a doctor when he's an adult.

Jaron Latonio

Jaron Latonio is a thirteen year old student at Ockley Green Middle School. If he could change one thing about the school it would be adding an elevator. His favorite teachers are Mr. Riser, because he always understands, and Ms. Halbig, because she is laid back, understands and cares about her students. He thinks a good addition to the school would be technology. He is thinking about going to De La Salle high school because his old coach is there and his friends from basketball are going as well. Jaron is most looking forward to see a different environment, bigger classes in high school, and least looking forward to how far apart the classes will be in high school. Here’s a quote from the boy, “Jaron is the best kid in the school”.

Josephine Cavill

Josephine is a 13 year old, 8th grade girl at Ockley Green Middle school. She is planning on going Jefferson High School because she likes the programs and that Portland Community College is right there. Jefferson students can take college level classes there for credits. Leaving her friends is the worst part about going to high school for her. Right now, she thinks that the school lunch at Ockley could be greatly improved. Another way to improve the school would be technology and yearbook classes. Josephine feels that middle school has taught her how to be independent.

By: Ilyarah Motley

Kaya Mae Teofilia Deleon Guerrero

Kaya is a 6th grader here at Ockley Green. Before she came to Ockley she went to San Vicenty Elementary School. Her favorite subject is math, and she is excited to meet new teachers this year. So far her favorite teacher is Mr. Bennet. Kaya’s favorite after-school activity is basketball. She has a dog and she loves to eat pasta. If she could go on vacation anywhere, it'd be Fiji. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher.

Spotlight on OG Staff

A section dedicated to highlighting our unique, hardworking staff. Our Spotlight Crew picks new staff members to interview for each issue. Who will be next?!

Mr. Usselman, The Other Science Teacher You have Always Wanted

We interviewed Mr.Usselman, a science teacher at Ockley Green Middle School. We asked him about the school. Some of the things we asked were about how this school year has gone, and how last year went. He said That everyone is happy to be back this year, and he said students are rising to the challenge. Then he said that everybody showed a lot of growth last year and they are growing on it this year. We asked him about school improvements and if there was anything the staff was working on to improve the school. He said that they made hallway displays, and they are trying to make the classes more similar to each other.

We asked him about his opinion on if this year was going to be improved from last year, and he said “ Yes, definitely”. We asked him a lot about the school, but one of the questions he had to think about for a minute when we asked him, was if there was one thing you would change about the school, what would it be. There, he said he would like longer class periods, something like an hour. So, as you know Mr. Usselman is a science teacher, we decided that we would ask him more about his career, and we asked him about why he became a science teacher. He said he loves to talk about science, and he wants to share that with other people. Then the final question we asked him is also about his career, and that question was how long have you been a teacher, and he said, “This is my second full year”.

So that was our interview with Mr. Usselman, a science teacher at Ockley Green.

Ms. Curtis The Science Teacher You Have Always Wanted

Ms. Curtis is the 6th grade science teacher here at Ockley Green. This is her third year at Ockley Green. She loves the outdoors, and in her free time she enjoys hiking and camping. She has a golden retriever named Kona and likes to listen to country music. Ms. Curtis grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado and graduated from Fruita Monument High School and then went to Colorado Mesa University.

This year Ms. Curtis is most excited to have her baby! If she could go on vacation anywhere it would be Spain. When she was growing up, Ms. Cutis wanted to be a pharmacist, and her favorite subject was math, but then decided to become a 6th grade science teacher because she loves kids and science!

If you want to say hi to Ms. Curtis, stop by room 214!

Meet Ms. Roneisha Williams, the new 6th Grade SEI Coordinator

Ms. Roneisha is the new 6th Grade SEI coordinator at Ockley Green. This interview was conducted by Jamarrion, Lasu, and Jhamir (JLJ) in order for the school to get to know her better. We went to ask her some questions about her career and her time so far at Ockley Green. Ms. Ro likes to watch tv, read, and hike sometimes.

She is still new to the OG community and is getting to know teachers, students, and staff. Her favorite color is orange, but it changes every month. Her favorite food is sushi because it is good and healthy.

If you wanna kick it with Ms. Ro, head to 152 or find her in the hallway! And, don't forget to sign up for SEI if you want to join in on the fun.

Health and Wellness

A section dedicated to the health and wellness of ourselves and our community. We believe in the power of self care. We believe in caring for each other and our community.


In October, Mental Health Awareness week takes place from the 6th to the 12th. The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) is an organization that's goal is to ̈improve the quality of life for people with mental illness and their families through support, education, and advocacy. ̈ On Tuesday, October 1st, NAMI Multnomah is planning on coming and doing a presentation at lunch time at Ockley Green. Look at the resources below for bullying, violence, drugs, and harm help.

Staying Organized!

By Dahlia Williams and Sadie Dearborn


  • Keep Your Binder in Order.

    • Divide your classes with index dividers.

    • Put your homework at the front of your binder

  • Make Sure Your Backpack is Neat.

    • Use a folder for each class that has a lot of loose papers.

    • Write the name of each class on the top of your notebook.

    • Organize your classes by period, so that your first period is the first notebook and folder in your bag.

Staying Positive!

By Dahlia Williams and Sadie Dearborn


  • Think before you speak

    • Don't say things that you could regret in the future

  • Dont gossip

    • Don't spread rumors that you hear. The rumors could really hurt somebody

  • Always be reliable

    • Whenever any of your friends are having slight of bad days comfort them

  • Don't Be fake

    • Don't ever say bad things about people then go back and be friends with them

  • Take care of yourself

    • Be reliable but at the same time you need to make sure you give yourself some respect.

  • Don't listen to haters

    • Don't listen to people who are trying to bring you down

  • Put school first

    • Friends matter but so does your education

  • Be yourself

    • You are the best you and you should honor that

  • Interview:

    • How do you stay positive?

      • I look at myself in the mirror and say “Yeah.”

      • I think about good things.

      • I ignore people who are not positive.

    • What tips do you have for people to stay positive?

      • Tell yourself everyday that you are worth it.

      • Keep your head up.

      • Wear a scrunchie.


By: Kia Ahmed

1. Focus on you only, do the best you can do

2. Don't rush take your time, don't doubt yourself, follow classroom directions

3. Don’t depend on others

4. Be in class on time, no goofing off

5. Don’t be a follower, be a leader, make good decisions

6. Be a helping hand, have positive vibes

7. Be respectful to classmates and adults.


PIL Sports

¾ Roosevelt Youth Football

Roosevelt vs David Douglas at Roosevelt High School September 28-9 am

Roosevelt vs Milwaukie at Alder Creek Middle School Oct 5-3 pm

Roosevelt vs Oregon City at Pioneer Stadium Oct 12-9 am

Roosevelt vs Madison at Roosevelt Oct 19-1 pm

Roosevelt vs Sherwood at Sherwood High School Oct 26-11:30 am

Madison ¾ youth football schedule

Madison vs Franklin at Madison High School 9/28-9 am

Madison vs Oregon City at Oregon City 10/5-9 am

Madison vs Milwaukie at Madison High School 10/12-9 am

Madison vs Roosevelt at Roosevelt High School 10/19-1 pm

Madison vs Mountainside at Mountainside High School 10/26-1 pm

¾ Jefferson youth football

Jefferson vs Milwaukie at Alder Creek 9/28-3 pm

Jefferson vs Franklin at Jefferson High School 10/5-9 am

Jefferson vs David Douglass at Jefferson High School 10/12-11 am

Jefferson vs Sandy at Sandy High School 10/19-1 pm

Jefferson vs Lakeridge at Lakeridge High School 10/26-11 am

¾ Franklin football schedule

Franklin vs Madison at Madison High School 9/28-9 am

Franklin vs Jefferson at Jefferson High School 10/5-9 am

Franklin vs Sandy at Franklin High School 10/12-9 am

Franklin vs David Douglass at Franklin High School 10/19-11 am

Franklin vs Lake Oswego at Lake Oswego 10/26-11 am

Roosevelt Varsity Soccer

By Haily Ortiz

The Roosevelt girls are a good group of people. They work hard at what they want, and what needs to be improved. They always have a good attitude and are positive with all, especially when it comes to a game.They are not only childhood friends but teammates with a love for the game. Jennifer Lohse is the head coach. She says, "The program is changing for the better,” there is a lot of talent coming in. “I train with the girls that need it”. She is a loving coach that cares about her team, and has to have a relationship with each girl. "During the summer I practiced with the girls 5 times a week. And most of my starters are underclassmen. One goal I have this year is to make more goals in the game and we are going up a gents more competitive teams so to have closer games than before.” She has been coaching there for 4 years and she is happy to continue coaching for longer. There motto is to "be a little bit better."


A glance inside the world of books.

An Inside Look with Mrs. Graham

This week we interviewed Ms.Graham. Mrs. Graham was an English teacher for 15 years and 4 years ago she decided that her favorite part of teaching was pairing kids with books, so she decided to become a librarian. Her first year as a librarian, she worked half time at Chief Joe and half time at Ockley Green. Then, she transitioned into just working at Ockley. She's been here ever since.

Mrs. Graham is a mother of two kids (6 & 8) and likes to read Young Adult realistic fiction. She would like to add to the school’s nonfiction section and continues to add more books to the library. In her spare time, she likes to read and write short stories. Her favorite book is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

Book Review - My Father's Dragon

By Lincoln

My Father's Dragon

By Ruth Stiles Gannett

My Father's Dragon is an amazing book about a boy and his adventure on a mysterious island where he is always in danger but he always finds a way out!

He finds a cat that leads him to this strange island. This cat talks and tells him that he knows of an island and that there was a dragon that fell from the sky and the animals on the island use him as transportation and treat him horribly and work him to the bone!

So the boy leaves on the ship and takes some supplies and he is hiding from the people on the ship.

Once they arrive on tangerine island but he must cross a stretch of ocean to get to the island with the dragon. He stuffs his backpack with some tangerines and he crosses to the island and tries to find the mysterious dragon.

The Last Book In The UNiverse

Author: Rodman Philbrick

Is a post apocalyptic-science fiction novel by Rodman Philbrick. Set in a cyberpunk dystopia, it’s protagonist and narrator is a teenage boy named Spaz who suffers from epilepsy. States, called the Urb, which has been disturbed by an earthquake known as "The Big Shake". The Urb is plagued by poverty, thieves, gang warfare, and the use of mind probes. Mind Probes are analogous to hard drugs and enable users to temporarily escape their harsh lives through images like movies being played in their heads. Genetically improved people, called "proovs," (A play on "improved") live in a city called eden with a beautiful society, food and water. Eden is separated from the Urb by the "Forbidden Zone," a deadly and dangerous minefield. The Urb is split up into sections called "latches". Each latch is controlled by a gang. Spaz is a teenage boy who cannot use mind probes because of his epilepsy and whose adoptive family has abandoned him because they feared the symptoms of his illness. My favorite part of the book is when he has

By Lincoln.W

Comedy Corner

A section dedicated to laughter and good vibes. Got jokes? Submit them to the Comedy Crew!

Big picture

Funny Riddle

By D'Ryus

The comedy corner is a part of the newspaper team and we are here to brighten up people’s day with the best medicine of all, laughter and making you think with funny jokes and puzzling riddles.Here’s a couple.

1.6 fish are in the pond 3 die how many fish are in the pond?

2. What grows when it eats, but dies when it Drinks?

3.Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

4.What goes up and never comes down?

5. What has two hands, a face, but no arms and legs?

(see answers on the last page)

The Interview of the Week goes crazy, Yes sir!

In this interview we talked to the school’s 7th and 8th grade Self Enhancement Inc. Coordinator that works here in Ockley and asked him some questions, such as riddles, like “If there are 6 fish in a pond and 3 of them die, how many fish are in the pond?”, and some personal questions as well. To see the answers to the riddles that we asked him, read down below. Mr. Lawson is someone who impacts the youth in a way the kids can understand. He continues to push and encourage the youth, with his basketball team and SEI. He strives to push his students to success and will continue to until he meets his goal. Mr. Lawson is a great man who truly cares about the youth, and thinks of ways on how he can impact them, with the type of mindset that he has, so he can make them be better people.

Malaki: So, Mr. Lawson, how does it feel to always be on the run in this school?

Mr. Lawson : It is a lot but it’s good because I impact the youth and I try hard to push through.

Terrence : Do you get worried to take a day off from school?

Mr. Lawson : Absolutely, I worry about what my kids are doing while I’m not there

Malaki : Do you have a favorite teacher at this school?And why?

Mr. Lawson : Mr. Riser, because his teaching can go to any race and he teaches a lot for the kids to know and, the black lives matter and even through bad days he still pushes through.

Terrence : 6 fish are in the pond. 3 of them die, how many fish are left in the pond?

Mr.Lawson :6 are still in.

Malaki : Say silk two times, say silk 3 times, say silk 4 times, What does a cow drink?

Mr.Lawson : The answer is water.

Terrence :If you had to hide in one room in the school besides your room where would it be? why?

Mr. Lawson : Music room, because that way I still have rhythm and if something is going on I can get out the school easier.

Malaki : Have you ever wanted to quit this job? And Why?

Mr. Lawson : Yes, the school staff wasn’t communicating about problems.

Terrence : Have you ever had thoughts about leaving SEI?

Mr. Lawson : No, not currently because it is a good way to help kids.

Malaki : What room do ghosts avoid?

Mr. Lawson :The answer is the living room.

Terrence : What time does a tennis player get up?

Mr. Lawson : Ten-ish.

Malaki : Any other school you wanted to go to?

Mr. Lawson : Yes Roosevelt, and Grant because that is where I started to work with youth.


What do you call a yogurt that has no flavor? Plain!

By Lasu the great

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Popeyes chicken sandwich.

By Kenan Johnson

Why did the witch go to the beach? To eat a sandwich.

By Kenan Johnson


  • Get a Hydro flask

  • Buy Brandy Melville

  • Get scrunchies

  • Wear a puka shell necklaces

  • Have a polaroid

  • Get a metal straw

  • Wear crocs, vans or birkenstocks

  • Wear a messy bun

  • Put stickers and friendship bracelets on your hydro

  • Buy a Kanken backpack

  • Have a TikTok account

  • Fairy lights

  • Burt's Bees/carmex

  • Mario Badescu products

  • Sun bum products

  • Mom jeans

  • Wave rings

  • Starbucks

  • White Jeep

  • Oversized things

  • Say- “sksksksk” “and i oop-”


A look inside our fabulous OGMS Music Program


A section dedicated to airing student concerns, praises, and ideas for the future. This section empowers student voices, so they may become vehicles for change. Anyone is welcome to submit their opinion for publication in future issues. Contact Ms. Kate, or write a note to our Opinion Crew and leave it in the box by room 213.

New Pass Policy

Ockley Green Middle School has started a new bathroom policy where you can only use the bathroom three times in each class, for the entire quarter. Meaning, if you’ve used the bathroom three times in 5th period, you may not use the bathroom in 5th period until the next quarter. This is a policy that makes no sense. This means because we have 7 periods a day we can only use the bathroom 21 times a quarter, and this includes getting water. Let's say you just came back from a hot recess. If you have already used up all your 4th period passes, you literally can't go, I understand that this is so students stop skipping class, but not everyone skips class. Instead of this new policy I think they should have hall monitors to check where students are going when they are in the hallway. Or teachers could do a better job at monitoring their students, and if they don't have a pass, they could get a recommitment.

Past The Bell

Our passing period is short enough already, we don't need teachers making it any shorter. Why are they allowed to do so, and expect us to show up to class ready and prepared before the bell? I feel that there should be a rule about this because students are getting in trouble for it, when it's really the teachers who should be at fault. Even if they don't hold you past the bell, 180 seconds of passing period is not enough.


By Tasha Jeske and Iris Gray

Have you ever noticed that most of the 8th graders are more mature than when they started middle school? Some of the 8th graders have been here since the fourth grade, so the community has had a big effect on them. Members of the Opinion Team from Student Publication interviewed Mx. Amelia to ask them about the community. They said the teachers want to work to give students freedom, not just contain the chaos. They also want students to have a voice at Ockley Green. “[...] So whether that’s a student government, or a leadership team. I think the newspaper is a great start in that, but I would love to see there to be some sort of formal voice that you guys get to take part in, so there’s a way for you all to have a voice of impact into the structures that we have.” They want students to be able to have a say in things like the cell phone policy and recommitments.

From what I have seen at this school (being a seventh grader), is that everyone is fairly well behaved compared to last year. Last year a whole lot of things happened and no one really did anything about it. I hope that this year is way better than last year. Hopefully we won’t have any bullies this year.

Since lots of students have gone through a lot of changes and hard times at this school, it’s super important that we keep a strong community present at our school. We need to be welcoming to people who are different, and keep an open mind, even when we don’t understand what someone is going through. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, so always try to be kind to people, even if it’s something as simple as smiling at them in the hallway or listening to their ideas. Ockley has grown so much in the past few years, but we still have a long way to go.

Special lunch

By Royal Fields

I think that some Friday’s we should have a cool lunch from a restaurant. Now I know not everyone likes Domino’s pizza, but we can vote on what lunch we eat. If you are a home lunch person or vegetarian you bring a lunch or vote for veggie pizza. How about burritos, now burritos are super good, but how about Wendy's. Everyone likes Wendy’s they got a biggie bag, a four for four. Turn in your opinion at the opinion box.

How Music has Changed

By Mia Burch

Here is some music from the 70's: Piano Man by Billy Joel, Too Much Heaven by Bee Gees, and New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. Here is some music from the 80’s: Don’t Stop Believin by Journey, Beat it by Michael Jackson, and Take On Me by A-ha. Here is some music from the 90’s: All That She Wants by Ace of Base, Your Women by White Town, and Killing Me Softly by The Refugees. Here is some music from the 2000's: I Knew I love you by Savage Garden, Say My Name by Destiny's Child, and Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon. Here is some music from the 2010’s: Just the Way You Are, Need You Now by Lady Antebellum, and Tik Tok by Kesha. Here is some music from 2015: See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth, Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding, Take Me to Church by Hozier. Here is some music from 2019: If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes, Simon Says by Megan Thee Stallion feat one more is Simmer.

School Dance

By Mercy Permor

At Ockley Green Middle School, we have school dances on different occasions. We have Halloween, Winter, Valentine’s Day, and the end of the year dances. Students love going to the dances and really enjoy them. However the songs that they play at the dances don't always go with the theme of the dance. For example, at a Valentine's Day dance you should play soulful music and sometimes hyped music. Instead at our Valentine's Day dances they play old and boring music. We could change that by letting the students choose the music for the dance. The teachers could put a paper in their classrooms so the students can write down songs that they want to be played at the dances, so teachers can pre-listen to the songs. Another way students could win the right to play music at the dance is through the on points auction. There they can bid on a prize that allows them to be dj for part of the night/play any song (depending on how explicit the songs are).

Principal's Corner

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. It is week 4 and we are going just as strong as week 1. Students are in class learning and teachers are working together collaboratively to improve their instruction in the classroom. This week, we have several systems starting up including our Kickboard system, recommitment system, and tardy system. We sent home communication about the Kickboard system last week:

  • Kickboard is an online platform that allows staff to record positive behaviors that students display and recommitments. Kickboard can be viewed by students and families through an online portal system. Parents and students will receive Kickboard portal login information on Wednesday, 9/18/19 from their student. Recommitments are earned when students are repeatedly not meeting school expectations. Teachers will contact families to let them know that their child received a recommitment. Students attend recommitment during lunch/recess the day after receiving one. They will complete a reset form in order to reflect on the behavior they displayed which earned them a recommitment. Once they complete the form and check in with their teacher about the behavior, they will be excused to lunch or recess. Recommitment is led by Ms. Kate on Mondays, Mrs. Brown on Tuesday-Thursday & Mrs. Sawyer on Fridays. Please reach out to Mrs. Brown if you have any questions regarding Kickboard or Recommitment.

​​As always, please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.


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Answers For Riddles




4.your age