Islams follwers are called Muslems

Islam's folwers are called Muslims. some of their main belive are that Friday is the Sabbath meaning the day of rest. they also belive in prophets people who were mesangers of God. these prophets started with Adam and ended with Muhamad. it also had Abraham and Jesus in between. they also believe that Allah is the only god. they are Monothestic witch means that they only believe in one god.they also pray five times a must give to charady. you must fast for one month and if financhaly possible you must travel to mecca once in your lifetime to pray. the place to worship is the mosque. their holy leader is the imams. the holy book is called the Quran. the holy days are Ramnadan when you fast for an entire month, and Eidadfater wich is the begening of the fast. the commen holy site is the Alaqsa mosque in Jerluselum. they pray at the mosque