This week top pick's from the IE Communications Team

Ridin' through this world

MARTA: High view

What better place to enjoy the city, any city, than from above? Look at this collection of pictures on some of the best cities in the world from the tallest buildings around.

JUNCAL: Check-list

Maybe not the best moment to go visiting, with the storms and the sea going mad, but San Sebastian is always a good idea. Find the essentials of the Basque city and what you can not miss in this wonderful place by the north sea. Here.

Find beauty around you

GILL: Enjoy the little pleasures

Trying to enjoy the small things in daily life is one of the secrets to a happy life. And what better for it that looking at the amazement and enthusiasm of a tiny little girl experimenting rain for the first time. Watch it, it will surely make you smile.

MAITE: Alien storm

In more than one sense. From the amazing pictures taken of it - more according to an art piece than anything - to its location, in Saturn, and its time, in spring; all is strange and alien in this storm captured by the European Spatial agency. Find more here.

FELIX: World of speed

The Tarahumara Indians, in the Copper Canyons, are known to be the best runners in the world. Discover how they have honed the ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury in this book by journalist and (often-injured) runner Christopher McDougall.

PABLO: The world on grey

Breathtaking, if you had to put a word on it. That's a good definition of Alejandro Marcos works, beautiful photographs of - usually - beautiful women. Look through them at Mad Madrid, here.

Mother Russia

ALEJANDRA: Winter games

There is a lot of polemic around the winter Olympic games of Sochi, Russia, that cause an uproar in all the international community. Find the answer to Putin's discrimination against homosexuals by the Canadians. So true and so funny! Watch it.

KERRY: Courage

That is what political activists known as 'pussy riot' show every time they go against Putin's laws in Russia. Watch this funny interview in the Colbert Report about jail, PR stunts and the Olympic Games. (Minute 7)

On journalism and communication

VERÓNICA: Beauty is in the outside too

Packaging is totally becoming an art, where ingenuity, attention to detail and creativity have found their call. Here are some examples that make a list of the best packaging out there.

GEOFFROY: Practical tips

The communications department always has to play a very careful game in order to get journalists to actually publish their business. And here you get a quick guide to how to obtain free press and the best ways to do it.

YOLANDA: To the world ends

Born as a tool for adrenaline professionals, GoPro has turned in an equivalent of great experiences on itself, and all thanks to amateur consumers that find in it the perfect media to express themselves. Listen to the company CEO and Creative Director talk about this transformation.

ROBERTO: Bad news for Times

It seems that the crisis still has some damage left to do. In a moment when everyone is talking about recovery, Times Magazine is about to fire 500 of its employees. Find more about it here.