Funeral Planning Challenges

Kaitlyn Callsen

Challenges that may occur

It may be for the individual, family, your culture or economically that may come to be an issue when death occurs.

The Individual

Some challenges to look at for the individual is the papers that need to be done for the death certificate. If you are a spouse or the next of kin then there are calls that need to be made for the individual in order to have a funeral. Making an appointment with a funeral parlor is the first step to be able to prepare the body to be cremated or buried, which ever their choice was. There is also making sure that everything of the deceased is covered in a eulogy if it was wanted.

The Family

When planning for this funeral you have to make sure that you are including your family in the process so that they are involved for the grieving process. An example is to find pictures of the deceased to crease a memorial of them for others to see.


One of the things one has to make sure of is that the culture of the individual is upheld to the fullest. Some cultures do not believe in cremation of the body while others may have different prayers that are to be read at a funeral. If the culture is alright with this then it is a step to help with the challenge of what the deceased is wearing for their funeral.


The costs of the funeral are the biggest challenge that anyone will face. If the person did not pay for their funeral expenses before they passed away because it was sudden there are other ways to save the money if one cannot afford it. The link below is a charity way to help raise the funds that may be needed for the funeral.