The journey of Nike Pro shorts

By: Jenna Desrochers

Manufacturing process

Nike Pros are made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. Polyester is man made and is created in labs. Polyester is derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. Polyester is mostly made in China. Spandex is also man made and is a long chain of polymer called polyurethane it is produced in to a fiber using a dry spinning technique. This material is created in Germany. Then both these materials are exported to Vietnam to be made into Nike pros.
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4 categories of globalization and how making Nike pros affects each category

Economic- Since Vietnam has cheap labor that is why Nike has their products made their. This causes the U.S. to lose a lot of jobs to people in Vietnam. The poor working conditions and low wages in these foreign countries is also a big problem that is in the process of being fixed.

Cultural- Smaller countries have their own distinct features with clothing and many other things but since Nike is such big company around the world it is taking over these unique features.

Technological- Using Technology to transport goods whether it's transported by plane or boat these both create pollution. Vietnam is not yet a developed country so their factories most likely aren't as efficient as ours and probably create more pollution than U.S factories.

Environmental- Making these products makes a lot of carbon emission. Since it is mostly made of polyester which is not bio-degradable that is also bad for the enviroment. Making polyester uses 70 billion barrels of oil in 1 year, so making polyester uses a lot of the worlds oil.

How to fix the cultural globalization problem

Nike could fix the disappearing of unique features in other countries around the world by making special products for each different culture. This will still keep Nike a profitable business around the world but it wont let other countries loose their own individual culture or style.

How Nike pros and the competency task's relate into different areas of my life

These competency tasks taught me a lot about how much of the world is involved in making just one simple product. These tasks transfer into my life because I use this product so often and knowing how it's made is really cool to think about. I chose Nike pros because these are the shorts I wear to cheerleading practice and even just around my house. They are really comfortable shorts and very good for working out. This product plays a role in my daily life because I wear them to cheerleading practice 5 days a week. I've also used them for a long time and I really like them.