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Week at a Glance

Monday, August 26
  • 7:50 Cambridge Site Team

Tuesday, August 27

  • 7:45 Class of 2021 Meeting (Hunt 3-110)
  • 8:10 Class of 2023 Meeting (Hagar 3-161)

Wednesday, August 28

  • Classroom Decorating Contest Judging
  • 8:00 Interact Meeting (Lady Lanser 4-159)
  • 8:00 Class of 2022 Meeting (Allison 3-158)
  • 8:15 Class of 2020 Meeting (Shutt 4-155)
  • 6:00 JROTC New Parent Meeting

Thursday, August 29

  • 7:45 Staff Meeting (No PLC)
  • 3:30 Golf at ZHS
  • 6:00 Volleyball at GHS
  • 7:00 Adult Ed Graduation

Friday, August 30

  • Deliberate Practice Plans are due!! See Mr. Smith's email.
  • D&F Reports are due (in Sharepoint and below)!!
  • 7:45 Class of 2021 Meeting (Hunt 3-110)
  • 7:50 Calendar Meeting
  • 5:00 Shark Family Night (Open House)
  • 7:00 Faculty Tailgate (Food provided)
  • 7:30 Football Vs Cypress Creek

Tardy Table Update

The tardy table is in full swing and things seem to be going quite smoothly. Thank you for your support in this school-wide initiative. We have been running reports and giving some discipline out to our frequent fliers. There has been a lot of barriers to purchasing the system and at this time we still have not purchased. We will continue to send students to the media for a tardy pass. We will continue to provide consequences in extreme situations, but the students are really making more of an effort to get to class on time.


Thank you for all of your support of our school initiatives and safety protocols. I have not seen students in the halls without a pass in some time!!! I am also appreciative that you are not allowing students to have passes in the first and last ten minutes. This is our first step to bell to bell instruction...having them physically!! You have all done a great job of teaching the students about our intervention times and admin has seen great quality instruction. Finally, thank you to all who have volunteered their time to get the school year off to the right start!!

Bravo!! We will stay the course!

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D & F Report

By now, you should know who is earning a D or an F in your classes. Please document your phone contact with the parent/guardians of these kiddos. If you are not able to reach parents due to a bad number, please use the non-working number link here. Kelly Baker will be collecting these forms and they are due by the end of the day on Friday.


Get money for your classroom!

We will be once again doing mini classroom grants up to $300. If you have a special project you would like to apply for funding for, please provide Kelly Baker with a quote and a description of the project to be presented at our first SAC meeting. Your description of the project should indicate how the money will be used to improve student performance. Our first SAC meeting is September 23 so you must have your grant in before September 20!!