The Giver

By Lois Lowry Flyer Created by Samariah Ferguson

book summary

In "The Giver", Jonas father is assigned the job of nurturing new children. Jonas is nervous about the ceremony of twelve that is held on his twelve birthday. During the ceremony he is assigned the job of keeping the community's memories. He is known as The Giver, and he has memories of the world before it experienced "sameness". Receiving the memories changes Jonas ways of looking at life, and he is set aback when he finds out about the "release". The giver comes up with an idea for Jonas and that's for him to escape. And so Jonas did and took the baby Gabriel with him that was scheduled for a "release".

Main Character- Jonas

Jonas is central to the plot (the plot revolves around him). Jonas is the one who is chosen as a receiver, and faces many challenges because he knows he is different from the rest.

other important characters

THE GIVER- Was the past receiver. He Trains Jonas to succeed him as the next receiver of memories. He is an old grave man who has been wearied by the burden of carrying alone the sorrow and the pain that memories bring. Jonas makes him realize that the community needs to change, and he agrees with a plan that will make everyone have access to the memories from the past. The giver was the person who provided guidance and wisdom towards Jonas.

FATHER- Jonas father is a nurturer at the nurturing center who takes care of children's who are newly born.

LILY- Is Jonas talkative little sister who is a seven. who becomes an eight in December, who wears a jacket to identify her as an eight.

GABRIEL- Is a new child who is one of the fifty being taken care of at the nurturing center. who is placed in an extra care center who doesn't grow normally and doesn't sleep well. Gabriel Is brought home from Jonas father to spend the night their. Spending the night at Jonas Gabriel sleeps perfectly fine with Jonas transmitting memories to him. to sleep peacefully.

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Teacher-like questions

1.What was the main conflict of the story?

2.Why was Jonas selected to be the new receiver?

3.What is the climax of the story?

Overall Rating

what I liked about the book? I liked that Lois Lowry did a good job of the setting of the community Jonas lives in without giving away to many of the twist right away. my favorite part was when Jonas begins to see colors (for example with the apple), and the scenes when the Giver sends memories to Jonas.

what I disliked about the book? I disliked the ending to me it felt a little rushed into , it was a good book but the ending seem to wrap just a Little to quickly, and also when they had to kill the babies...

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quote from novel

"We gained control of many things, but we had to let go of others" -Lois Lowry, The Giver