Kindergarten News

April 13, 2018

5K Tag Ceremony

Monday, April 16th, 9:30am

Mini Theater at DFES

Please join us as we honor our students!

Conversation Starters

Is it Spring? What are some signs of Spring? How is Spring different than other seasons?

Reading in Action!

Read a story to your child. Ask your child to retell the story. Make sure they include important key details and tell the story in the correct order.

Literacy Workstations

Writers Workshop

As Writers, we can include transition words in our How To books.

Below, Mrs. Poston is working with a group during Writers Workshop on how to draw people when illustrating a story.

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Reading Workshop

We can retell stories that we read.

Shared Reading

We can tell what we learned from the book and why the author chose to write the book.
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Math Workshop

We can name names. We can identify sides and vertices.


As Scientists, we can name signs of Spring.

Painted Lady Butterflies Coming Soon!

We have six baby caterpillars that we are observing. Soon, they will move into the chrysalis stage. After a certain period of time, beautiful butterflies will emerge!
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Happy Birthday, Kaylin!

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Spring Break Fun!

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Kaiden planted flowers and herbs!

Congratulations to Kaiden who has finished all the requirements for the Environmental Scientist Tag for 4th Nine Weeks!
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Maleigh planting flowers!

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Josie Investigating Red Worms

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Josie is conducting an experiment!

Josie placed three plates containing different objects (dirt, a carrot and chocolate). She is waiting to see if the nearby ants are more attracted to the dirt, carrot or chocolate.
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Family Fun

We welcome all of our kindergarten friends and families to send in pictures of family fun. We will have your child share his/her pictures with our classmates on the SmartBoard. Sometimes, we might include the pictures in our weekly Smore newsletter.

Kaiden's T-Ball Game

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Anna's T-Ball Game

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